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Strongest Vinland Saga Characters [ Top 10 Ranked ]

Strongest Vinland Saga Characters [ Top 10 Ranked ]

Strongest Vinland Saga Characters

“Vinland Saga” is a manga series that is primarily set in the early 11th century in Europe, during the Viking Age. The story follows the life of a young boy named Thorfinn, who is the son of a legendary Viking warrior named Thors. Thorfinn dreams of becoming a great warrior like his father, but his life takes a tragic turn when Thors is killed in battle by a man named Askeladd, who leads a band of mercenaries. Determined to avenge his father’s death, Thorfinn joins Askeladd’s band and travels with them to England, where he hopes to get close enough to kill Askeladd. Along the way, Thorfinn encounters many powerful and skilled characters, some of whom become his allies, while others become his enemies.

One of the most notable characters in the series is Askeladd, who is a skilled warrior and tactician. Askeladd is initially seen as Thorfinn’s primary antagonist, but as the series progresses, it becomes clear that he is a complex character with his own motivations and goals. Other characters include Thorkell, a powerful Viking warrior and commander, Canute, a prince and future king of England, and Floki, a skilled warrior and member of Askeladd’s band of mercenaries. Throughout the series, the characters engage in intense battles and engage in political machinations, as they navigate the complex and dangerous world of Viking-era Europe. The story also explores themes such as revenge, loyalty, and the nature of war and violence.

Overall, “Vinland Saga” is a compelling and action-packed manga series that offers a unique and immersive look into the world of Viking-era Europe. With its complex characters and intricate storytelling, it has become a popular and critically acclaimed series among manga fans.

Top 10 Strongest Characters in Vinland Saga

We have provided you with the top 10 strongest characters in Vinland Saga, in the table below:


Vinland Saga Characters

1 Thorkell
2 Thors
3 Cordelia
4 Thorgil
5 Bjorn
6 Einar 
7 Ragnar 
8 Floki
9 Askeladd
10 Garm 

10. Garm 

Garm, an elite warrior of Vinland Saga, possesses exceptional combat skills that are not solely reliant on physical strength. He may not have the colossal build of a Thorkell or the berserker rage of a Bjorn, but his finesse, agility, and tenacity more than compensate for it.

Despite his moderate physical strength, Garm has a rigorous training routine and strict diet, resulting in a lean yet sturdy physique that can withstand multiple blows. His weapon of choice, a unique spear, has a long reach and allows him to strike swiftly and accurately, piercing through an enemy’s armor with ease.

Moreover, Garm’s fighting style is infused with grace and fluidity, making him a challenging opponent for even the most seasoned warriors. He can anticipate an enemy’s move and dodge it with quick reflexes, delivering swift counter-attacks that leave his opponents vulnerable. Garm’s skills and abilities have earned him a fearsome reputation among his peers, and even the likes of Thorfinn, who is considered one of the strongest warriors, cannot take him lightly. Overall, Garm’s unique blend of skill, agility, and tenacity make him a formidable fighter and a valuable asset to any Viking army.

9. Askeladd

Although Askeladd’s tactical genius and leadership abilities are his strongest traits, he is far from being just a brainy strategist. Askeladd is a well-rounded character in Vinland Saga, blending a charismatic personality, strategic intelligence, impressive swordsmanship, and physical fitness.

While Askeladd may not have the raw strength of Thors or Thorkell, he compensates with his ability to disarm opponents and fight with great endurance. This combination of moderate strength and hard-earned skill make Askeladd a formidable adversary, capable of holding his own against most opponents.

8. Floki

Floki is a character in Vinland Saga who stands out for his leadership as an officer of the legendary Jomsvikings, a group of Viking mercenaries known for their skill in battle and strict code of conduct. Although he doesn’t participate in many fights, Floki is a formidable warrior in his own right, with a large and imposing physique that commands respect on the battlefield.

In battle, Floki prefers to lead his troops rather than fighting alone. He is a master strategist who can anticipate his enemies’ moves and direct his troops to counter them effectively. His skills as a leader and warrior are respected by both his allies and his enemies, and his presence alone can turn the tide of battle.

Despite his formidable reputation, Floki is also known for his strict adherence to the Jomsviking code of conduct, which demands loyalty, courage, and honor above all else. He takes his role as a Jomsviking officer very seriously, and expects nothing less from his troops. This strict adherence to the code is what makes Floki such a fearsome opponent, as he is willing to do whatever it takes to uphold his honor and protect his comrades.

7. Ragnar 

Ragnar is a character in Vinland Saga who appears as Prince Canute’s loyal bodyguard. Despite not being the strongest or most skilled warrior, he was deeply devoted to his duty of protecting the prince, which earned him the respect of his peers. Ragnar proved his mettle in battle multiple times while under the protection of Askeladd, surviving several dangerous encounters with enemy soldiers. He was a tough fighter who was not afraid to put his life on the line for his prince, which made him an admirable character.

However, Ragnar’s dedication to his duty ultimately led to his tragic death. In a skirmish with an enemy force, Ragnar was fatally wounded while protecting Canute. The loss of his trusted bodyguard left a profound impact on the young prince, who struggled to come to terms with his grief.

6. Einar 

Following the death of Askeladd, Thorfinn was captured and enslaved on Ketil’s farm in Denmark, where he was forced to work as a farmhand. There, he met another slave named Einar, who had been captured in England after his mother and sister were killed.

Initially, Einar struggled to adapt to the hard labor and harsh conditions on the farm, but he eventually adjusted and even thrived. With his incredible physical strength, Einar proved to be an invaluable asset to the farm, especially in clearing the land for planting crops.

Together, Thorfinn and Einar were able to clear the land of trees and stumps, paving the way for them to create a wheat field and yield a bountiful crop. Their success allowed them to save enough money to buy their freedom and set out on a new journey together.

Despite his tragic past and difficult circumstances, Einar remained optimistic and determined throughout his time on the farm, earning the respect and admiration of Thorfinn and others who worked alongside him.

5. Bjorn

Bjorn, Askeladd’s most loyal and trusted warrior in “Vinland Saga,” is a formidable Viking with a brawny and imposing stature that commands attention in any battle. He possesses incredible skill and endurance, which has enabled him to survive countless clashes with other Vikings and English warriors alike.

While already a powerful force to be reckoned with, Bjorn’s strength and resilience can be further amplified when he enters into a berserker state. This transformation occurs after consuming a special mushroom, which sends him into a frenzied state where he becomes a wild and ferocious beast on the battlefield.

Bjorn’s berserker state is a sight to behold, as he becomes nearly unstoppable and can even withstand several blows from the legendary Thors Snorresson. His ferocity and resilience are unparalleled, making him a critical asset to Askeladd’s forces.

4. Thorgil

In “Vinland Saga,” Ketil’s two sons, Olmar and Thorgil, are contrasting characters. Olmar is talkative but lacks the courage to harm an unarmed slave, which is commendable. On the other hand, Thorgil is a thuggish and imposing figure who strongly identifies with the warrior lifestyle, similar to other powerful characters like Thorkell, Garm, and Bjorn.

Thorgil’s selfish and “might makes right” attitude often causes concern for his father, who is disturbed by his son’s demeanor. Despite this, Thorgil’s immense physical strength and combat prowess make him a formidable adversary, and it’s not easy to prove him wrong.

Thorgil is not one to shy away from a fight, and anyone who dares to cross him will have to deal with the consequences. He can overpower almost anyone, whether they are armed or not, and seems to relish in the experience. His overwhelming power and brutality make him one of the most intimidating characters in “Vinland Saga.”

3. Cordelia

In “Vinland Saga,” Thorfinn encountered Cordelia, a formidable and brawny woman who, despite her size, possessed a gentle and timid nature, much like a gentle giant. Cordelia is Thorkell’s daughter, but she doesn’t share her father’s brutish warrior nature and is closer to her mother in temperament.

Cordelia’s journey in life was not an easy one. She was once a slave, forced to endure the hardships of servitude. However, she eventually gained her freedom and was overjoyed to join Thorfinn’s Vinland expedition. Cordelia’s immense physical strength proved to be a valuable asset during the expedition, as she excelled at manual labor and was able to accomplish tasks that would have been impossible for others.

Despite her father’s reputation as a warrior, Cordelia believed that strength should be used for constructive purposes rather than destruction. Her willingness to use her strength for the betterment of others was a testament to her compassionate nature and her desire to make a positive impact on the world.

2. Thors

Thors, Thorfinn’s father, was once renowned as the “Troll of Jom” – a legendary Jomsviking with almost supernatural strength and skill, likened to the trolls of Norse mythology. Despite his formidable reputation as a warrior, Thors grew tired of the constant battles and gave up his Jomsviking life to settle down with his family on the Icelandic coast. He raised his son with a strict code of pacifism, instilling in him a belief that violence is never the answer.

Thors’ incredible strength was demonstrated when he faced dozens of Askeladd’s men unarmed in the Faroe Islands. Despite being vastly outnumbered, Thors fought them all off with his bare fists, leaving not a single scratch on his body. His skill in unarmed combat is truly impressive, as it allowed him to fend off a group of armed opponents without shedding any blood.

When armed with a sword or ax, Thors is an unstoppable force in single combat. He is able to slice through even the thickest armor with ease, and his fighting style is both efficient and elegant. His abilities in combat were so great that he was able to take on the entire Jomsviking army single-handedly and emerge victorious.

1. Thorkell

While Thorkell has lost to Thors before, he is still an incredibly powerful character in “Vinland Saga,” possessing unparalleled physical strength and a love of violence that make him a formidable foe in battle. His ability to lift and throw a hefty log with ease from a considerable distance is a testament to his bone-crushing strength. Thorkell’s proficiency with axes allows him to cut down countless armored soldiers without breaking a sweat. However, Thorkell’s immense power has left him feeling unchallenged in medieval Europe, making him thrilled to find a worthy adversary in Thorfinn.

Who is the Best Character in Vinland Saga?

Thorkell is a massive Viking warrior and one of the most powerful characters in Vinland Saga. He stands taller than most other characters, with long blonde hair and a distinctive mustache. Thorkell is often seen wielding a massive battle axe, and his mere presence on the battlefield is enough to intimidate his foes.

Despite his intimidating size and strength, Thorkell has a playful and jovial personality. He is often seen joking around and laughing, even in the midst of battle. This is in contrast to his brother, the stern and serious Jomsviking Floki.

Thorkell’s loyalty lies with whoever can provide him with the most exciting battles, and he is always seeking out new challenges. He is not interested in politics or power, but rather in the thrill of combat. This makes him a formidable opponent on the battlefield, as he is driven by pure passion and a desire for glory.

Thorkell is also known for his incredible regenerative abilities. He is able to recover from wounds that would be fatal to other warriors, and he has been seen regrowing lost limbs. This makes him nearly invincible in battle, and a force to be reckoned with.

Vinland Saga Strongest Characters

“Vinland Saga” is a manga series that features a number of powerful and skilled characters, who are able to engage in intense battles and engage in political machinations as they navigate the complex and dangerous world of Viking-era Europe. Here are some of the strongest characters in the series:

Thorfinn – The main protagonist of the series, Thorfinn is a young Icelandic warrior seeking revenge against the man who killed his father. He is a skilled fighter who has been trained in combat since childhood, and he is relentless in his pursuit of revenge.

Askeladd – The leader of a band of mercenaries, Askeladd is Thorfinn’s primary antagonist. He is a skilled warrior and tactician who is respected and feared by many.

Thorkell – A powerful Viking warrior and commander, Thorkell is known for his immense strength and ferocity in battle. He is a formidable opponent who can easily overpower his enemies.

Canute – A prince and future king of England, Canute possesses both physical and mental strength. He is intelligent and strategic, and he is able to inspire loyalty and respect from his followers.

Floki – A skilled warrior and member of Askeladd’s band of mercenaries, Floki is known for his cunning and deception in battle. He is able to outsmart many of his opponents.

Thors – Thorfinn’s father and a legendary Viking warrior, Thors is known for his exceptional strength and combat abilities. He is a beloved figure in the series, and his death sets the stage for much of the action that follows.

Bjorn – A member of Thorkell’s army, Bjorn is a skilled fighter who is known for his strength and endurance. He is a loyal friend to Thorkell and a formidable opponent in battle.

Gunnar – A member of Askeladd’s band of mercenaries, Gunnar is a skilled fighter who is known for his strength and agility. He is also known for his loyalty to Askeladd.

Overall, “Vinland Saga” features a wide range of powerful and skilled characters who are able to engage in intense battles and political machinations as they navigate the complex world of Viking-era Europe. Each character brings their own unique strengths and abilities to the story, making for a compelling and action-packed manga series.

Vinland Saga Anime Characters

Vinland Saga is an epic anime series set in the Viking Age of Europe and based on the popular manga by Makoto Yukimura. The series features a wide range of compelling and dynamic characters, each with their unique personalities, motivations, and abilities.

The protagonist of the series is Thorfinn, a young Viking warrior seeking revenge against the man who killed his father, the cunning and charismatic Askeladd. Along his journey, Thorfinn encounters a variety of allies and enemies, including the powerful and brutal Thorkell, the skilled and passionate warrior Garm, and the reserved and contemplative Prince Canute.

Other notable characters in the series include Thorfinn’s childhood friend and love interest, the strong-willed and intelligent Ylva, and the fierce and loyal Jomsviking officer Floki. Each of these characters brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the story, adding depth and complexity to the world of Vinland Saga.

Throughout the series, the characters face numerous challenges and conflicts, both internal and external, as they navigate the treacherous world of Viking politics and warfare. The series explores themes of honor, revenge, power, and redemption, as well as the value of human life and the possibility of a better future.

Overall, the characters of Vinland Saga are a diverse and engaging cast that drive the story forward and keep viewers on the edge of their seats with their struggles, triumphs, and tragedies.

What are the Vinland Saga Characters Based on Historical Figures?

Vinland Saga is a historical manga and anime series that takes place during the Viking Age, a period of European history spanning from the late 8th century to the mid-11th century. As such, many of the characters in the series are based on historical figures from this time.

One of the most notable characters based on a historical figure is the legendary Viking warrior Thorkell the Tall, who was a real historical figure known for his impressive height and strength. Another is Canute the Great, a Danish king who ruled over England, Denmark, and Norway in the early 11th century.

Other historical figures that appear in the series include Sweyn Forkbeard, a Viking king of Denmark; Harald Bluetooth, another Danish king who united Denmark and Norway; and Leif Erikson, a Norse explorer who is believed to have led the first European expedition to North America. The series also features fictional characters who are inspired by historical figures or represent common archetypes of the Viking Age, such as the cunning and ruthless warrior Askeladd.

What are the Characters That Evolve Throughout The Series?

One of the most notable things about Vinland Saga is how several characters undergo significant evolution throughout the series. Thorfinn, for instance, starts off as a vengeful and violent young man seeking revenge for his father’s death. But as he experiences new cultures and begins to understand the importance of peace and understanding, his priorities shift. He begins to see that his path of revenge will only lead to more bloodshed, and he starts to seek a new way of life.

Similarly, Askeladd initially appears as a selfish and cold-hearted mercenary who will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. However, as the series progresses, his past and motivations are revealed, and he shows a more compassionate and protective side. He even makes decisions that put his own life at risk to protect those he cares about.

Canute also undergoes a significant transformation from a timid and naive prince to a confident and assertive ruler. He learns to assert himself and take control of his own destiny, eventually becoming a strong and capable leader. These characters’ evolution throughout the series adds depth and complexity to the story, making it more than just a simple action-adventure tale.

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