Manipur HC declares sitting MP’s election ‘null and void’

Manipur HC declares sitting MP's election 'null and void'

The single bench of the HC Justice M.V. Muralidaran while allowing the BJP candidate Mate’s petition declared him elected and NPF candidate Pfoze’s election as “null and void”. Mate, 36, had earlier filed an election petition in the Manipur HC claiming that the affidavit filed by Pfoze, 59, during the election process had many defects, … Read more

Legislators and MPs should understand basic spirit of Constitution: V-P Dhankhar

Legislators and MPs should understand basic spirit of Constitution: V-P Dhankhar

Speaking at a function organised for his felicitation in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, he said, “The functioning of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies remains the asset of a healthy democracy. The working style of public representatives should be exemplary for the people to strengthen democracy,” he added. Dhankhar described accountability and transparency as the main functions … Read more

What Illness Does Carla Lockhart Have? People Wonder About The MP’s Health Condition

People are concerned about Carla Lockhart’s illness and properly being state of affairs. Get additional updates about Carla’s properly being on this text underneath. Carla Rebecca Lockhart is a member of the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and the Member of Parliament (MP) for Upper Bann given that fundamental election of 2019. She beforehand served inside … Read more

‘A disgrace’: Tory MPs attack paltry 50 UK visas for Ukrainian refugees

Pressure was mounting on the Authorities on Monday over its “disgraceful” response to the Ukrainian refugee catastrophe after it was revealed merely 50 of us fleeing Vladimir Putin’s battle had been welcomed to Britain. Nearly 12,000 of us have begun on-line visa functions to return again to Britain since Russian forces invaded on February 24. … Read more

Speaker Tan Chuan-Jin reminds MPs of rules in Parliament after Facebook post by NCMP Leong Mun Wai

SINGAPORE: Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin reminded Members of Parliament on Monday (Mar 7) of how proceedings are performed, after a Non-constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) posted on Facebook that the “the Speaker didn’t even give me the chance” to talk in the House. NCMP Leong Mun Wai (PSP) stated in a touch upon his Facebook web page: “Now … Read more

MPs who are close contacts of COVID-19 cases but test negative to deliver speeches on separate floor: Tan Chuan-Jin

SINGAPORE: Members of Parliament (MPs) who are close contacts of COVID-19 cases but test negative for COVID-19 on an antigen rapid test (ART) will deliver their speeches on a separate floor, said Speaker of Parliament Tan Chuan-Jin on Monday (Mar 7).  This “further precaution” to existing safe management measures will see these MPs speak from the additional … Read more

MPs Share Contrasting A-Level Results, Show They Don’t Define You In Life

MPs Alvin Tan & Baey Yam Keng Share A-Level Results, Say It Doesn’t Define Them On Tuesday (22 Feb), hundreds of bright-eyed 2021 GCE A-Level college students returned to their Junior Colleges (JC) to obtain their outcomes. Source For many holding the certificates of their fingers, it could really feel like a defining second of … Read more

Bihar: नीतीश सरकार का फरमान, सोशल मीडिया पर की आपत्तिजनक टिप्पणी तो होगी कार्रवाई

पटना/नई दिल्ली: बिहार में सोशल मीडिया (Social Media) पर आपत्तिजनक टिप्पणी करने वालों पर शिकंजा कसने की तैयारी है. सोशल मीडिया यूजर किसी सांसद, विधायक या अफसर के खिलाफ आपत्तिजनक टिप्पणी करता है तो उसके खिलाफ कार्रवाई की जाएगी. बिहार के आर्थिक अपराध इकाई के एडीजी नैयर हसनैन खान ने इस बाबत बिहार के सभी … Read more

Farmers Protest: कांग्रेस सांसदों के लिए प्रियंका गांधी ने भेजा घर का खाना

नई दिल्ली: कांग्रेस महासचिव प्रियंका गांधी वाड्रा ने दिल्ली के जंतर मंतर पर विरोध प्रदर्शन कर रहे कांग्रेस सांसदों के लिए अपनी रसोई में पकाया हुआ भोजन भेजा. कांग्रेस के पूर्व अध्यक्ष राहुल गांधी अपनी बहन प्रियंका के साथ प्रदर्शन स्थल पर पहुंचे. प्रियंका ने भेजा खाना जंतर-मंतर पर विरोध प्रदर्शन करने वाले ज्यादातर सांसद … Read more