TDS Roblox Holiday Update And Winter Event 2022 Release Date

Are you eager to play your favourite game during the holidays? You should be aware of the impending winter event and special holiday upgrade in this other Roblox experience, know the TDS 2022 release date

You can learn everything you need to know about the TDS winter event and holiday upgrade in this guide.

This is for you if you like the Tower Defense genre. When you prevent the bad elves from seizing control, there will be a lot to experience.

TDS Roblox Holiday Update And Winter Event 2022 Release Date Revealed

The designers of this particular experience are Paradoxum Games, also known as BelowNatural and Razuatix. Here is everything you need to know about using this Roblox experience throughout the holiday season.


According to the game’s makers’ announcement on their Twitter page, the Winter Event begins on December 21. During this time, you’ll have to stop the bad elves from ruining Christmas. You have been asked to save the day and stop the elves from destroying anything else more by building the greatest tower defences you can.


If you are struggling and need more support, you can either complete this task alone or in a group with friends or other users on the server.

Fans are eager to see where this event might go and what rewards are in store for them as they play through the TDS Winter Event because this is also the first TDS Christmas/Winter since 2019. Numerous other events have taken place over the years, but this is the first winter-related event to take place in the last three years.

You can follow the game creators on their official Twitter account or join their official Discord to view all the changes and make friends with other players.

Wishing you luck, and have fun taking on the bad elves when it comes out on December 21st! Keep up with their social media if you want to acquire more codes so you can be the first to know when new ones for the game are published. To interact with the community and the developers, you can follow the developer on their official YouTube, Twitter, and Your Bizarre Adventure Discord channels.

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