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The Curse Of Oak Island’s Gary Drayton’s Favorite Treasure Is His Wife Jennifer Gail Sauve

The Curse Of Oak Island’s Gary Drayton’s Favorite Treasure Is His Wife Jennifer Gail Sauve

The Curse Of Oak Island’s Gary Drayton’s Favorite Treasure Is His Wife Jennifer Gail Sauve

A person on TV Jennifer Gail Sauve is the mother of Anya and Katya. She is married to Gary Drayton.

Gary Drayton is an expert on metal detecting on TV. Fans of the Curse of Oak Island often call him the metal-detecting ninja or Bobby Dazzler.

In the reality TV show The Curse of Oak Island, Gary, Marty, and Rick Lagina are treasure hunters who are slogging through Oak Island, which is off the coast of Nova Scotia.

The treasure hunter is also a writer, and he has written a lot of books about his specialty.

Gary has found many valuable things in his life as a treasure hunter, but his wife Jennifer is still the most important thing to him.

Gary Drayton

Treasure Hunter Gary Drayton’s wife Jennifer is his most valuable possession.

Gary Drayton, a treasure hunter, says that his wife, Jennifer Gail Sauve, is his best find so far.

Gary’s love for his wife, Jennifer, is shown by the hunter who once found a half-million-dollar ring and cherished his wife as his keep.

As of 2022, Gary and his wife Jennifer have been married for 26 years. In December 1996, they got married in Las Vegas.

It was when Gary won the biggest jackpot of his life, Gary told his wife on their anniversary.

Gary likes to joke that his wife, Khaleesi, is his “mother of dragons,” which is a reference to a popular character from Game of Thrones, an HBO show that is a worldwide hit.

Jennifer Gail Sauve, Gary’s wife, isn’t very well known outside of his Instagram posts.

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Gary Drayton has kids, right?

Gary and Jennifer Drayton have two daughters named Anya and Katya Drayton.

Anya, Gary’s younger daughter, is a fitness and lifestyle coach and the mother of Oaks.

She lives in Florida with her two-year-old daughter and her Florida-born partner, Shay Wallin.

Katya Drayton, who is the oldest child in her family, loves to skate.

Gary had to say this about his daughter’s skating skills when he posted a picture of Anya on Instagram.

“Even on ice skates, Katya Drayton’s gold dance is better than mine. Trying to get the gold at the regionals.”

Katya, like her sister Anya, lives in Florida.

Gary’s daughters used to go with their dad to the beach to look for treasure when they were young. Gary loved working with his daughters by his side.

Gary Drayton
Gary Drayton

What kind of work does Gary Drayton do?

Gary Drayton is an expert at using metal detectors, and he makes his living by going on treasure hunts.

Gary likes to say that he is an expert at metal detecting, a treasure hunter, an author, and a lucky sob in general.

When he was a guest star on the American reality show “The Curse of Oakland,” which debuted in Canada on the History Network, he became well-known.

On the show, he was an expert advisor to Marty and Rick Lagina, who were looking for historical treasures and artifacts in Oak Island.

The producers of the show first noticed him because he had a lot of gold rings and things from Spain. Since he was getting more and more popular on social media sites because of the show, the producers brought him back for more episodes.

Through his books, the treasure hunter has taught others how to hunt and look for lost things.

Some of his well-known books are Hardcore Beach Hunting, Advanced CTX 3030, Beach and Water Hunting Techniques, The Shallow Water Hunter’s Guide to South Florida, The CTX 3030 Beach and Water Hunter’s Guide, and Metal Detecting for Spanish Treasure.

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Gary Drayton was a Mudlark at one time

Gary grew up in Grimsby, where he read books about treasure hunting and dreamed of faraway places with pirate treasures.

He started out as a Mudlark on the coasts and islands of England. He was a mudlark, so he spent his time stomping through river muds and Victorian trash pits looking for old bottles and clay pipes.

Gary’s life changed when he found a “shiny 1789 gold guinea.” From then on, he worked as a metal detectorist.

One of Gary’s most valuable finds is an Emerald ring made of 22-and-a-half-carat Inca gold and set with nine sparkling emeralds. The ring is worth a lot of money: $500,000.

Gary grew up in Grimsby, UK, and worked as a bottle digger for many years. He looked for old bottles, clay pipes, doll heads, and marbles by digging in old Victorian trash pits and “mud hopping” along the river banks. Some of the clay pipes and bottles he found dated back to the 1500s and 1600s. The oldest bottle he found was a Roman perfume bottle from when the Romans were in control of the area. Gary became interested in metal detecting because of digging for bottles. Every year, he found more and more coins while digging for bottles.

Gary Drayton
Gary Drayton

When Gary moved from England to South Florida, he took his metal detector to the beach and found a Spanish Silver Piece of Eight on his first day. Then, a few months later, he found a 1715 Gold and Emerald Ring from the Spanish Fleet. Gary’s “outside the box” approach to metal detecting has led him to try out different search methods and different sites. He has always found treasure with the help of his site reading and metal detecting skills. Since then, he has found hundreds of gold rings, different kinds of jewelry, coins, silver, Rolex watches, bronze ship spikes, war relics, and Spanish treasure. Gary is a hard-working beach hunter. Famous Late Great 1715 Spanish Fleet Salvager Bob Weller said that Gary has the 3 P’s: patience, persistence, and preservation.

Gary is lucky to be able to make a living doing something he loves. He writes books about beach and water hunting and gives private lessons on treasure hunting. His Spanish treasure finds even caught the attention of Hollywood producers, which led to several appearances on TV shows before he joined the cast of “The Curse of Oak Island,” the most popular treasure hunting show in the US, as the resident metal detecting expert.

Gary has a number of Minelab detectors that he uses. The Excalibur was his first Minelab metal detector, and he still uses it today. Gary says, “Any Minelab user who has used the brand for a long time will tell you that the only way to beat a Minelab is with another Minelab, so I always have other specialized tools in the old tool shed.” Looking for treasure from Spain on the beach Gary likes the GPX 5000 and large Commander search coils because they can find things a long way down. While he takes the Equinox 800 with him on metal detecting vacations, he can’t do without his CTX 3030 for most tourist beach jewelry hunts.

The beautiful 300-year-old Emerald Treasure Ring, which is worth a cool $500,000, is Gary’s most memorable find. Gary is hooked on detecting because of how exciting it is to go on a hunt and how cool it is to find something that has been lost for hundreds of years.

Gary has written a number of books that explain how he hunts and searches on the beach and in the water. This way, all metal detectorists can learn from his many years of experience. He is also in the History channel show The Curse of Oak Island and has his own blog and YouTube channel.

Some people call him the Metal Detecting Ninja, and others call him Mr. Bobby Dazzler. In either case, Gary Drayton is a key member of Oak Island’s “Fellowship of the Dig.” He shares Marty and Rick Lagina’s dream of finding the long-buried secrets of this mythical piece of Nova Scotia.

Gary, who was born in Grimsby, has come a long way since he first scared people who were metal detecting on the banks of British rivers. He has lived in the United States for many years, where he has become known as an expert treasure hunter and, more importantly, taught Americans the term “bobby dazzler.” Here are some more things about the brave man that every Oak Island fan should know.

About $2.5 million is what he’s worth (ish)

Gary’s hard work in his field has paid off. He’s thought to be worth between $2 million and $3 million. Since we don’t know how much money he has, we’ll take the average and say $2.5 million. Gary has made a lot of money in many different ways. It’s a big deal to be on The Curse of Oak Island, which is one of the most popular documentary shows on TV. But he has also written books, made a lot of public appearances, and, of course, found a lot of valuable treasures. Getting back to that.

He once found a ring worth $500,000

The most famous thing Gary Drayton found was an emerald ring worth a huge $500,000. The ring was made of 22-and-a-half-carat Inca gold and set with nine sparkling emeralds. It was being shipped from the New World to Spain when a hurricane sank the galleon near the coast of Florida. The year was 1715, which shows that a determined metal detectorist can find amazing treasures even after hundreds of years. Gary thinks that the ring is the “ultimate bobby dazzler” for him.

He started out as a mudlark

Gary may have a great life in the U.S. now, but he used to be a poor mudlark on the riverbanks and coasts of England. Mudlarking is, of course, the art of stomping around in mud and shallow water to look for old things and things that might be worth a lot of money. Gary had to get down on his knees in Victorian trash pits and dig around for bottles and clay pipes that were made hundreds of years ago. He even found a perfume bottle from when the Romans ruled Britain. When he found a “shiny 1789 gold guinea,” it was a turning point. This made him buy a metal detector, and the rest is history. (Literally.)

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