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The Desert Rose Walkthrough, Wiki, Guide, Gameplay and Trailer
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The Desert Rose Walkthrough, Wiki, Guide, Gameplay and Trailer

The Desert Rose 

The Desert Rose is the 28th book on the mobile game Romance Club. This book was released in November 2022 and the author of this book is Amy G.The season 1 story’s plot, authored by Amy G., will follow a girl who wishes to safeguard her family, loved ones, and all of humanity from a virus that is infecting everyone and spreading across the Earth. The girl’s path will be twisted by several obstacles, acquaintances, enemies, and valuable secrets. The main goal of that girl is to find the mysterious desert rose, which could stop the “disasters”. 

The Desert Rose Walkthrough 

S1, Ep 1: Bad News

To safeguard her homeland from an unknown dangerous virus, a young woman must face foreign cultures, overcome her enemies, and most importantly, she has to locate the legendary Desert Rose.

Sefer, Morocco, 2000s.

Wardrobe Choice: Choose an outfit [No effect]

  • Dusk 

  • Twilight 

  • Dawn (Free)

Choice: … [No effect]

Choice: “I wonder what happened.”

Choice: “I should at least try to answer.”

  • What if my husband-to-be doesn’t like me? (18) [+1 Rebellion] [+1 Reverie]

  • (Don’t say anything.) (Free) [No effect]

  • Father, let me make my own choice. (Free) [No effect]

Choice: He continued staring, and Yasmin…

Atay is a tasty traditional Moroccan tea.

Timed Choice: “First, I need to choose a glass.”

Timed Choice: I’ll…

  • Add it now. Correct

  • Add it later. 

Timed Choice: I’ll take…

  • Green tea. Correct

  • Red tea.

  • Black tea.

Timed Choice: “I forgot how to pour it correctly.”

Choice: … [No effect]

Choice: “I’ll…”

  • “Come closer and shake hands.” (18) [Mustafa is pleased that you trust him.]

  • “Refuse.” (Free) [No effect]

  • “Make him promise.” (Free) [No effect]

A few days later.

Wardrobe Choice: Choose an outfit. [No effect]

  • Mystery (18)

  • Illusion (33)

  • Secret (Free)

Choice: “I feel…”

Note: CG unlocked

Maximum stat points available in episode 1:

+3 Reverie or Rebellion

plus +1 Reverie or Rebellion

The maximum amount of diamonds needed in episode 1: 102

S1, Ep 2: Twists of Fate

A chance encounter amidst an impending epidemic. What’s next?

Path scene:

  • Path of Reverie : You can tell the police that there might have been a mistake, the rebel staged a performance and you don’t have any idea what was going on.

  • Path of Rebellion : You ask the police officer why he would grab anyone off the street without reason and without trying to catch the perpetrator.

Choice: “What do I do with you?”

Choice: However, she could only think of…

  • Zuleika. [Zuleika would appreciate your concern.]

  • Mustafa. [Mustafa has occupied your mind.]

  • The rebel. [The rebel seems to have got your attention.]

  • The virus. [You care about the city’s fate.]

Choice: Leaning back in her seat and slowly closing her eyes, she…

  • Remembered. [This information will be useful.]

  • Couldn’t remember. (Free) [No effect]

  • Got distracted. (Free) [No effect]

Wardrobe Choice: Choose a piece of jewelry.

  • Topaz necklace [No effect]

  • Ruby bracelet (Bribing the officer with the Ruby bracelet will help you in Ep 4.)

  • Gold bracelet (Free) [No effect]

Choice: …

  • Because you’ve already turned her against you. [+1 Rebellion]

  • Because I believe her. [+1 Reverie]

  • At least I can try. [No effect]

Choice: … [No effect]

Choice: “I understand, but I need to…”

Wardrobe Choice: Choose an outfit. [No effect]

  • Flight 

  • Freedom 

  • Feathers (Free)

Wardrobe Choice: Choose a hairstyle. [No effect]

  • Braid with a ribbon – dark 

  • Loose with a scarf – dark 

  • Loose with a scarf – brown 

  • Sloppy light-brown 

  • Braid with a ribbon – brown 

Wardrobe Choice: Choose a mask. [No effect]

  • Silver chain mask 

  • Veil 

  • Gold chain mask (Free)

Choice: Yasmin closed her eyes. The memories came flooding back.

Choice: What do I do… I…

  • Let him go. I’ll walk him out. [No effect]

  • I know him. He’s with me. Jack is grateful for your help.]

  • Drive away the thoughts. (Free) [No effect]

Choice: “Am I going to miss this city?”

Choice: Jack smiled at her through the crowd. It was the same smile that she remembered. [No effect]

Timed Choice: She ran:

Choice: …

  • Be a gentleman. [Mustafa is happy to help.]

  • Lend me your umbrella, please. (Free) [No effect]

Maximum stat points available in episode 2:

+1 Reverie or Rebellion

+1 The Desert Flower or The City Kid

The maximum amount of diamonds needed in episode 2: 170

The Desert Rose Guide

The Desert Rose Walkthroughs of the Desert Rose game is simply episode-by-episode guides that will disclose the effects of every choice on your character and the plot. Many of the choices you make for the main character in this book show the following variables: Reverie, Rebellion, The Desert Flower, and The City Kid Premium choices that need in-game currency to be unlocked are pointed out by a diamond symbol. Quick choices that are timed are pointed out by a timer symbol.

The Desert Rose Walkthrough Gameplay

In this Desert Rose Season 1, similar to other new projects, the players will not be able to continue with several routes at the same time. From the first episodes, it is significant to decide on the major favorites and priority characteristics that might be pumped later. The selection of correct answers from the given choices is a major process in the gameplay. The Desert Rose Guide will have the key lines that affect the plot, relationships with the main and secondary roles, and other outcomes of decisions..

The Desert Rose Season 1 Trailer

The Desert Rose Season 1 Episode 

Episode Number  Episode Name
1 Bad News
2 Twists of Fate
3 Unexpected Guests
4 Meetings and Mysteries
5 Fear
6  A Lost Soul
7 Good Night
8 Fate
9 Impossible

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