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The group honors the victims of 9/11 with countless acts of kindness each year
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The group honors the victims of 9/11 with countless acts of kindness each year

Many aspects of our daily life are forgetful. When we’re on autopilot and familiar, the days can blur into one another — but you’ll hardly find a US citizen who doesn’t remember exactly where they were and what they were doing on 9/11. 2001

There are as many ways to deal with the attack as there are people, as each person processes the event and its aftermath a little differently. One group in particular seized the opportunity to face the great evil of those days with a kind heart, which spurred on countless people acts of kindness every September to remember those who lost her life on that notorious day.

Pay It Forward 9/11 was written shortly after the attacks when a man named Kevin Tuerff spent some unplanned time in Gander, Newfoundland after his plane was grounded after the towers collapsed.

After what he said personsTuerff was deeply impressed by the kindness and sacrifice shown by the nearly 9,000 Canadian locals to around 7,000 unexpected guests as passengers were escorted to the island on diverted planes.


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“It took me seven days to finally get home and after that I was still overwhelmed by the kindness and compassion of the people of this island,” Tuerff said.

“I like to tell people, if your city’s population almost doubled in an instant, would you bring people into your house and let them shower? Complete strangers? These people really showed compassion.”

After returning to his environmental communications company in Austin, Texas, he began offering his employees a time-out every September 11th and the opportunity to bless others through random acts of kindness.

Tuerff’s initiative started, and more than two decades later, people from at least 46 states and six different ones Countries In the days leading up to 9/11, get involved in the group’s random acts of kindness, which the group calls the “11 Days of Kindness.”

“Pay It Forward 9/11,” the group’s official Facebook site said: “We said we would never forget. Do 3 good deeds for strangers on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks on America. Inspired by the friendly people of Gander, Newfoundland.”

The Facebook page and website Offer a variety of ideas for those interested in attending, and share stories of those who have given and received these acts of kindness.

“Football captains at Ayer Shirley High School treated cafeteria staff to breakfast from a local diner as part of the school’s participation in #payitforward911,” he said Facebook site shared on Sunday.


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“Glenn K. from New York has started a new job as a teacher and has brought dessert and tea to all the secretaries on the first day of school!” you shared on Saturday.

“Merna G. from North Carolina will travel to Cuba in October to bring medical supplies to several families in need.

“Debbie from Maryland delivers BBQ to a local fire department, candy to the police and collects new children’s books for a charity called Extraordinary Birthdays.”

Acts of kindness are wonderful any day of the year, but using them in this way can ensure that we “never forget.” That anniversary This year is over, but you might be able to attend next year – you have a full year to plan what you would like to do to bring a little more humanity to your community.

“The world needs more compassion,” Tuerff said WCVB TV. “We should help each other, and so I hope that with a random act of kindness, we can begin to restore unity.”

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