The Most Romantic Superhero Movies, Ranked

Though it may seem odd, romance is an important part of the superhero genre. Showing a hero in love helps humanize them and brings emotion to all the action. It also raises the stakes and adds weight to the movie – a hero questioning their job out of fear of endangering a loved one is one of the most common parts of the genre. Despite the dangers involved, several superheroes have relationships that have entertained viewers for decades. These relationships bring humor and passion to their movies, which helps them stand out with a romantic touch. Here are the most romantic superhero movies, ranked.


10 Hellboy (2004)

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Hellboy is about a demon turned hero who rids the world of supernatural threats, and doesn’t seem romantic at first glance. However, a lot of the movie centers around the love that Hellboy (Ron Perlman) has for his old colleague, Liz (Selma Blair), who checked into a mental hospital when she couldn’t control her pyrokinesis. The two restart their romance throughout the movie, and when Liz dies in the final fight, Hellboy brings her back in a fiercely romantic way: he tells whoever has Liz on the other side that he’ll cross over for her, and make them pay.

9 Deadpool (2016)

Ryan Reynolds as Wade and Morena Baccarin as Vanessa in a scene from Deadpool
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Deadpool is another movie that doesn’t seem romantic, as Wade (Ryan Reynolds) undergoes an experimental cure to save his life, and becomes a scarred hero with plenty of adult humor. However, Wade’s path into Deadpool starts with his love for his wife, Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). When he’s diagnosed with cancer, he leaves to spare her the pain of watching him die. The romantic moments make a great contrast to the movie’s darker aspects. They reunite at the end, and Vanessa loves him even after what he’s been through.

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8 Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

 Tom Holland as Peter Parker and Zendaya as MJ in a scene from Spider-Man: Far From Home
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Spider-Man: Far From Home sees Peter (Tom Holland) and his classmates in Europe, hoping for a calm trip. Peter is planning to use the trip to confess his feelings to MJ (Zendaya). His plans are foiled, however, by danger and the fear of her learning his secret. The chemistry between Peter and MJ is at its best here, packed with humor and sweet moments; superhero action aside, it could almost be a teen rom-com. She figures out his secret and loves him anyway, staying by his side even though the danger.

7 Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

Hayley Atwell as Peggy and Chris Evans as Steve in a scene from Captain America_ The First Avenger
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Captain America: The First Avenger brings to life one of the best MCU romances, per Collider: super-soldier Steve (Chris Evans) and agent Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). As the two work together to stop Hydra through World War II, they grow close and fall for each other. Their relationship mixes perfect humor and respect, with great chemistry between them. His farewell speech to her, while he flies a plane into the Arctic, makes for an emotional moment, especially when he tells her to save a dance for him. Years later, in Avengers: Endgame, they finally got that dance.

6 Wonder Woman (2017)

Chris Pine as Steve and Gal Gadot as Diana in a scene from Wonder Woman
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Wonder Woman marks a strong debut for the hero, played by Gal Gadot. Part of what makes it so strong is the relationship between Diana and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Steve shows her his world, while she helps him in his war effort. They complement each other so well, and bring humor and real love. Steve’s sacrifice is heartbreaking, and Diana’s love for him gives her the strength to keep going and defeat Ares. In the present, the picture she keeps of Steve shows just how much he meant to her.

5 The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)

Andrew Garfield as Peter and Emma Stone as Gwen in a scene from The Amazing Spider-Man 2
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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 may not have been well-received critically, but it does feature an excellent romance between Peter (Andrew Garfield) and Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). The movie starts with them breaking up, as Peter doesn’t want to put her in danger. However, their bond is too strong, and they keep going back to each other. Their chemistry makes the relationship feel real; each scene is sweet and wonderfully romantic. It ends with a heartbreaking moment, when Peter is unable to save Gwen. His reaction to her death shows just how much he loved her, and makes their romance unbearably tragic.

4 Batman Returns (1992)

Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne and Michelle Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle in a scene from Batman Returns
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Batman Returns stars Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, who meets his match in Michelle Pfeiffer’s Selina Kyle. From the first time Batman sees her as Catwoman, he’s drawn in. The dynamic between the two makes it so special; they have chemistry and tension so powerful it breaks through their differences. They’re drawn to each other as civilians and in costume, with their circumstances keeping them apart. Despite this, it shows how their similar lives make them a perfect match for each other in both worlds, even if they can’t be together.

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3 Spider-Man 2 (2004)

Tobey Maguire as Peter and Kirsten Dunst as MJ in a scene from Spider-Man 2
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Ranked one of the best Spider-Man movies by ScreenRant, Spider-Man 2 sees Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) face several personal problems: his powers fail, and Mary Jane (Kirsten Dunst) gets engaged after he’s unable to make things work with her. His love for MJ is so strong that after losing his powers, he gives up Spider-Man to mend their relationship, while seeing her in danger brings his powers back. It ends with a great moment of MJ leaving her wedding to see Peter, even after he stepped back to let her be happy without him. It’s a perfect ending to such a beloved couple.

2 The Incredibles (2004)

Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl in a scene from the Incredibles
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A Pixar movie about a superhero family might not seem romantic. However, The Incredibles fully delivers a romantic and realistic relationship between Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr and Elastigirl/Helen Parr. Rarely do we see married superheroes, and the beauty of their relationship is how real it is; they bicker about their lives, and Helen even worries Bob is cheating when he goes away on a secret mission. Despite this, their love pops in the movie; it’s in Bob’s fear when he thinks Helen and their kids are dead, and the fierce joy of their reunion. They’re a loving couple who drive the movie’s emotions.

1 Superman: The Movie (1978)

Christopher Reeve as Superman and Margot Kidder as Lois in a scene from Superman (2)
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Superman: The Movie features Christopher Reeve as Superman and Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. They’re two of the best portrayals of the characters, and bring the classic romance to life. They meet as reporters and grow close, with Lois’s sharp personality complementing Clark’s shyness. It may seem cheesy, but the scene where Superman takes Lois flying is filled with such heartfelt love and charm that it’s impossible to resist. When Lois dies, Superman literally reverses Earth to go back in time and save her; it doesn’t get much more romantic than that. It’s a touching and charming romance that shows the love they share.