The Rising Star on the PDC Circuit Ready to Compete for the World Series of Darts Finals

The Rising Star on the PDC Circuit Ready to Compete for the World Series of Darts Finals

Ryan Joyce: The Rising Star on the PDC Circuit Ready to Compete for the World Series of Darts Finals

Ryan Joyce is a darts player from Newcastle, England, who is currently active in the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). In 2019, he competed in the World Championship for the first time, and he advanced all the way to the quarterfinals by beating three players who were seeded.

In July of 2020, at the Summer Series Pro Tour event, Ryan won his first PDC title after claiming victory over Dave Chisnall in the tournament’s final. In the year 2020, he not only won the game with an 8–7 score but also proceeded to the last 32 of the World Matchplay and the final 16 of the World Grand Prix.

In addition to the main tournaments, he has reached the finals of three BDO-ranked events, including the Turkish Open in 2013. He was victorious at the Isle of Man Open as well as the Denmark Masters in 2016.

In the past, he has also taken first place at the Turkish open pairs competition in 2013, the open Welsh teams competition in 2015, and he came close to winning the available British pairs competition in 2016. In 2017, he was victorious in the singles category for the BDO Gold Cup and the pairs competition for the Scottish Open.


Ryan Joyce

Ryan Joyce’s Wife

As of the year 2022, Ryan Joyce has not yet found a partner in marriage and does not have a spouse. It does not appear like he is dating anyone, and he is quite secretive about the details of his relationships.

Ryan, a prominent figure in the sport of darts, is very active on two different social media platforms, namely Twitter and Facebook. On both sites, you can frequently find him posting photographs related to his profession and achievements.

Because of this, the darts player must be concentrating on his professional endeavors rather than being involved in a romantic relationship at the moment. He made it to the final 16 of the Grand Slam, the final 64 of the UK Open, and the final 32 of the Players Championship Finals in the most recent year, 2021.

However, whenever he meets the proper woman for him in the future, Joyce will most likely start dating, but for the time being, he is not in a relationship.

Ryan Joyce: Who Is He?

Ryan Joyce is a professional darts player from England who competes in events hosted by the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). Joyce was born on September 20, 1985.

Career of Ryan Joyce

In 2014, he competed in the World Masters and advanced to the Last 48. He competed in the 2016 BDO World Trophy, however after losing in the first round against Jamie Hughes, he was eliminated from the competition. Because to his victory over Dennis Nilsson in the preliminary round of the 2017 BDO World Darts Championship, he was able to earn a spot in the tournament and qualify for it. After throwing for the match twice and missing one dart at double 18 to win followed by Adams hitting a 115 checkout to stay in the match, before Joyce himself survived a dart at 5-4 down before hitting a 164 checkout to take the game to the deciding leg, he lost to Martin Adams 2–3 in a sudden death leg in the First Round.

Outside of the major tournaments, he has competed in and reached the finals of three BDO ranked events: the first of which was the 2013 Turkish Open, which Martin Phillips won 5–0; the second of which was the Isle of Man Open in 2016, which Tony O’Shea won 6–4; and the third of which was the 2017 British Open. as well as the Denmark Masters in 2016, when they were defeated by Glen Durrant 6–4. He has had more success in pairs tournaments, winning the Turkish open pairs in 2013, the Welsh open pairs in 2015, and coming in second place in the final of the British open pairs in 2016, all while playing with Andy Chalmers. Together with Kevin McDine, he triumphed at the Scottish open pairs competition in 2017. His most recent victory came in the 2017 BDO Gold Cup Singles Tournament, which he won by defeating Wayne Warren 6–3 in the championship match. This victory was his most recent accomplishment.

In October of 2017, Joyce, together with Kevin McDine, Andy Lynn, Alan Davey, David Gradwell, Shaun Pomeroy, and Tony Hardy, won the National Punch Tavern pub darts team event while representing the Black Bull of Blaydon. Their team defeated The Red Lion of Bradford to take home the victory. Scott Waites, a two-time BDO World Champion, and Martin Atkins, a former winner of the British Open, were also members of the Red Lion team. In the tense and decisive final leg, Shaun Pomeroy came out on top against Martin Atkins, giving The Black Bull a 6–5 victory.

Ryan Joyce at PDC

He entered the PDC in 2018 after his first effort at Q school was fruitful, and after a very solid first year, he qualified for the 2019 PDC World Darts Championship. In the first round of the tournament, he was drawn against Anastasia Dobromyslova, and he defeated her by a score of 3–0. After that, he went on to defeat three seeded players, including Simon Whitlock (3–0), Alan Norris (4–3), and James Wade (4–3) respectively. However, he was eliminated from the competition in the quarterfinals by Michael van Gerwen, who won 5-1. His participation in this year’s PDC World Championship was his first ever.

At the Summer series pro tour tournament that was held in Milton Keynes in July of 2020, he won his maiden PDC title. A final match against Dave Chisnall was secured after victories over Andy Hamilton, Luke Humphries, Chris Dobey, Madars Razma, Glen Durrant, and Gary Anderson, respectively. Ryan winning 8–7. Born to Caring Parents, Information Regarding Ryan Joyce’s Family is Presented Here.

Ryan was born on September 20, 1985, to two parents who have always been there for him and have been supportive of his endeavors since he was a little child. Even though the darts player has achieved a great deal of success in her profession, his family has always preferred to remain out of the public eye.

Joyce has never posted a picture of the two of them on any of her social media accounts, but they have never been absent from any of his successes or occasions for celebration.

Now that he has won several games, including the PDC title at the Summer series pro tour event in Milton Keynes, the Scottish open pairs 2017, and the National Punch Tavern pub darts team event, his parents must be quite pleased of him.

Details for Ryan Joyce

It is possible that Joyce’s net worth is in the thousands of dollars, given that a darts player may earn, on average, close to $70,000 per year from their profession. The total payout, on the other hand, will depend on a number of criteria, including the player’s level of expertise and how effectively they play the game.

In the finals of the Jack’s World Series of Darts, which will be held in Amsterdam in 2022, Ryan will go up against Danny Baggish as one of his opponents. The World Series of Darts Finals will be place from September 16-18 with four sessions spread out over those three days. The sport’s most well-known players will compete for a prize pool of $300,000 over the course of the tournament.

If Joyce is victorious in the competition, his wealth will likely increase dramatically, and he may also secure lucrative endorsement and sponsorship deals as a result of his victory.

Since 2007, Ryan Joyce Has Been Participating in Dart Competitions

In spite of the fact that Ryan began playing dart from an early age, he did not qualify for the last 48 of the World Masters until 2014. Additionally, he competed in the 2016 BDO World Trophy, where he was knocked out of the competition by Jamie Hughes in the first round.

In a similar fashion, he earned a spot in the 2017 BDO World Darts Championship by claiming victory over Dennis Nilsson in the preliminary round with a score of 3-0. In the first round, he was defeated by Martin Adams 3–2 and the match was over.

The darts player has appeared in three BDO ranking event finals outside of big tournaments, however he has been unsuccessful all three times. His most recent defeats came at the hands of Martin Phillips (5-0) and Tony O’Shea (6-4) in the 2013 Turkish Open and Isle of Man Open, respectively.

In addition to this, he became a member of the PDC in 2018 after successfully completing Q school, and following a productive first year, he was able to earn a spot in the 2019 PDC World Darts Championship. In the first round, he faced Anastasia Dobromyslova, whom he ultimately prevailed against with a score of 3-0.


Ryan Joyce
Ryan Joyce

The Darts That Ryan Joyce Uses Are Tailored to His Specifications

The barrels of Ryan’s darts are shaped like torpedoes, and they feature radial grooves and tapered tips. In addition, the Mission logo is laser etched into the back of the barrel, and they are finished with a Coral PVD coating that provides a rainbow of colors.

In a similar vein, these 95% Tungsten Relentless darts are designed with cutting-edge design and manufacturing techniques, but they take their inspiration from classic video games. The cost of the material was $72.95, which is not particularly high.

Joyce also modifies his material to suit his needs because it can be obtained in a variety of grips and shapes. He went with a grip that gives the player the ability to arrange his fingers in a manner that is both consistent and confident in its feel.

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