The Way We Were Ending Explained, What Happened To The Baby In The Way We Were? The Talks Today
The Way We Were Ending Explained, What Happened To The Baby In The Way We Were?

The Way We Were Ending Explained, What Happened To The Baby In The Way We Were?

The Way We Were Movie

Barbra Streisand and Robert Redford star in Sydney Pollack’s 1973 American love movie The Way We Were. Based on his experiences with the House Un-American Activities Committee and his time as a student at Cornell University, Arthur Laurents penned both the book and the screenplay, according to reports from Hollywood Reporter. The movie, a financial success, was nominated for multiple accolades and won the Academy Awards for Best Original Dramatic Score and Best Original Song for the song that served as the film’s theme, The Way We Were. On AFI’s 100 Years…100 Passions list of the top 100 love stories in American film, it came in at number six. One of the best love stories ever made is The Way We Were.

The Way We Were Ending explained

When Katy learns Hubbell had an affair with Carol, she realizes he was never the person she had imagined him to be. They have a baby girl named “Rachel” and she continues to ask him to stay till the baby is born. Yet as their relationship breaks down, they once again find themselves in a challenging circumstance. Years later, Katie is married, and Hubbell is sitting next to a stylish woman who is obviously his girlfriend. Hubbell is compelled to avoid Katie once the unpleasant aspects of his relationship are made public. 

After talking with Katie and meeting, Hubbell decided to become a television programme screenwriter. Hubbell gently declined Katie’s offer to buy him a drink and introduce his lady. Despite the long-term draw, people eventually get disinterested in Hubbell and are able to resist the desire. Hubbell then inquires about Katie’s husband and their child, Rachel, and why he never made an effort to get in touch with even his child. Although she is well aware that he is unworthy of having her, Katie stands on the opposite side of the street and wishes they could continue to be together.

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What happened to the baby in The Way We Were? 

Katie is thrilled to learn she’s pregnant despite their disagreements, and she suggests naming the child Rachel in honor of her late mother. But soon after the kid is born, they decide to break up, and despite having a child together, they don’t see each other again until they run into each other at the Plaza years later. The baby Rachel grows up with her mother Katie and her new husband, according to reports from Bright Wall Dark Room. After the couple separated they did not meet each other and Hubbell did not try to even meet the baby. 

The Way We Were plot

In the college, Katy, a Marxist Jew, meets Hubbell, a carefree man who is in love with Carol. They argue vehemently while holding opposing viewpoints about the world’s hatred. Years later, Hubbell is an officer in the Navy and Katie is employed for a radio station. Hubbell has known Carol, who is married to J.J., since they were in college. Hubbell was inebriated, and the next morning he appeared unconcerned about what transpired the night before. Now Katie is telling him how she feels. Katy and Hubbell get married, but Hubbell is having an affair with Carol, even though Katie is pregnant. They relocate to Hollywood, but their conflicts persist until the McCarthy era. Before Hubble, Carol and J.J. were divorced, and then she remarried. She had always romanticized him, but Katie realized he was never really that good.

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Reference Source- Otakukart

The Way We Were Cast

Cast Character
Barbara Streisand Katie Morosky
Robert Redford  Hubbell Gardiner
Lois Cleveland Chiles Carol Ann
Bradford Dillman J.J., Hubbell’s best friend
James Woods Frankie McVeigh
Sally Kirkland Pony Dunbar
Viveca Lindfors Paula Reisner
Susan Blakely Judianne
Patrick O’Neal George Bissinger

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