This is how hackers work in hacking social media

This is how hackers work in hacking social media

This Is How Hackers Work In Hacking Social Media – Hacking other people’s social media accounts, is usually done more often by hackers, because they will get more benefits by doing so.

The meaning of profit here is money, because by hacking other people’s social media accounts, they can demand a ransom or extort the amount they want from the account holder.

How Hackers Work to Hack Social Media Accounts?

Not everyone or internet users know how to protect their social media accounts.

Not only do they not know how to protect social media accounts, most internet users also don’t know how hackers hack their social media accounts.

Hacker’s way Therefore, knowing how to protect social media accounts and knowing how hackers hack social media accounts is important to do so that internet users can surf the virtual world in peace.

And the following will mention some of the ways that hackers often use to hack social media accounts along with solutions or prevention that you can do:

1). How Hackers Work (Phіsіng)

Phіsіng is one of the most effective techniques for hacking other people’s social media accounts, because when using Phasing, the hacker’s chances of getting the victim’s password are quite large.

There are various ways to do phng and the most common is that hackers create a fake login page that looks like the real page, so that the victim will log in as usual.

When the victim has entered a fake page, the email address and password will be saved into the hacker’s data.

How to avoid Phishing?

  1. Check the URL of the page.
  2. Never log in to social media accounts on other devices.
  3. Use a browser that can dentіfіcashі phsіng pages.
  4. Don’t easily click on links or download links that ask to enter an email address or social media account.

2). Keyloggіng

Keyloggіng is one of the easiest ways to hack social media accounts. To launch this access, hackers usually use Keylogger.

Keylogger is a program that can monitor and store every input from users. When dealing with Keyloggers, you also have to be careful, because many computer experts are also victims.

How to avoid Keylogger?

  1. Scan or scan the USB drive before using it.
  2. Download software only from trusted sites.
  3. Use a good antіvіrus.

3). Teknіk Sosіal

Teknіk sosіal is a simple method based on collecting as much data or information as possible from the victims.

The information can include date of birth, telephone number, security questions, and so on. After the hacker gets enough information, then the hacker will use the recovery method to get the password.

How to avoid social techniques?

  1. Never share personal information via email or phone.
  2. Avoid links from unknown or suspicious sites.

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4). Passwordі Saved

This case often occurs or is found when accessing public computers, such as internet cafes. Sometimes, some users forget or don’t know that they saved their password.

If these trivial actions are carried out, of course, the hackers are the lucky ones because they don’t have to bother to do various methods so that they can hack social media accounts.

How to avoid saved passwords?

  1. Never select the save password option in the browser.
  2. Do not share your device with other people.
  3. Be more careful and careful in accessing the Internet or social media.

that’s the discussion aboutі How Hackers Can Hack Social Media. Hopefully it can be useful.

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