Top Gun: Maverick - 15 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit The Talks Today
Top Gun: Maverick - 15 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit

Top Gun: Maverick – 15 Unpopular Opinions, According To Reddit

Warning: This article contains minor spoilers for Top Gun: Maverick

long awaited sequel Top Gun It’s finally here, and the film has been a huge hit with fans and critics alike. While receiving high praise, Top Gun: Maverick It would be the best box office opening of Tom Cruise’s entire career and could break Memorial Day box office records.

Although there is a generally positive consensus Top Gun: MaverickSome moviegoers took to Reddit to share their controversial opinions about the movie, given how much the public has loved it so far.

Updated by David Caballero on December 28, 2022: ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ will likely end the year as the highest-grossing film of 2022, a record long delayed There wasn’t much anticipation in the sequel. Still, Top Gun: Maverick defied critics and became a popular cultural phenomenon with critics and audiences alike. Still, not every fan got aboard the Maverick hype train, and many Reddit users still think the movie isn’t, expressing their unpopular opinions for the world to read.

self-indulgent action scenes

If there’s one thing that critics and audiences applaud Top Gun: Maverick, which is an immersive and realistic action sequence. The scenes have been described as bold and groundbreaking, elevating the film and setting it apart from other recent traditional CGI films.

However, Reddit user Sailorman2300 disagreed, calling the scenes “indulgent and boring” and claiming maverick is “without meaning or feeling”. Those are strong words, especially considering the extended and daring action scenes raise the film’s ante considerably by making it seem more realistic. No wonder this is an unpopular opinion.

the script is terrible

Action movies aren’t necessarily known for their mind-bending scenes unless Christopher Nolan directs them. indeed, Top Gun: Maverick It’s a fun and exciting time in movie theaters, but its plot is pretty conventional for an action movie. That’s not to say it’s boring or disappointing, at least not to the general audience.

Still, some viewers felt it was too safe and uninspired, like Reddit user Between3N20Karakters. They found the film “flat and forgettable”, while fellow user NKredBurn agreed, criticizing the script “If a five-year-old was tasked with writing a film about fighter pilots, he would imagine What kind of script will come out.”no one expected an oscar winning screenplay maverickBut the story is far from mediocre. Instead, it’s a useful and entertaining moment of cinema, and that’s all it should be.

meaningless code name

Executioner wearing sunglasses and smiling Top Gun maverick

Top Gun: Maverick Filled with lovable characters, many of whom have codenames. In the Navy, in an environment of intense teasing and competition, it makes sense for them to refer to each other by nicknames, often with a derisive tone.

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Still, some users find them ridiculous and frustrating. For example, Victorious_Wolf said they found the names “offensive,” especially since their origins are unclear. They argued that the reason the film didn’t explain the names was “a huge missed opportunity for character development”. Calling names is more of an interesting reference than a bullet point, so user criticism came across as a bit nitpicking, especially since knowing the origin of individual terms does little to help character development.

mediocre acting

Top Gun: Maverick rooster standing in workshop and turning around

A cast of talented actors in interesting roles Top Gun: Maverick Great time watching movies. Tom Cruise is the lead, but the film spends a fair amount of time with a younger generation of pilots led by Miles Teller’s Rooster.

The performances in the film have been highly praised by critics and audiences alike, but there are always people who think differently.In this context, one now-deleted Reddit user called the show “a seemingly bottomless race made up of uninspired performances.” That criticism was harsh, because while maverick Won’t get any Oscar nominations for its ensemble, each actor does his or her part and elevates the material.

It is nothing special

Maverick looks serious in Top Gun: Maverick.

maverick is an interesting character Top Gun and its sequels, contributed to their success with audiences. However, the series isn’t just about a proud pilot flying a cool plane, even if some fans think it’s empty and boring.

Reddit user Puzzlehead_Fish_78 called maverick “Nothing special” and not ideal compared to other films they claim are more “distinctive” and “more memorable”. Top Gun: Maverick It might not be for everyone, but it’s pretty harsh to think of it as merely decent entertainment, especially when it looks and sounds better than 90% of modern blockbusters. The visuals are too compelling to be forgotten.

unnecessary romance

Top Gun Maverick's new romance teased by Penny Benjamin in first film

Although faithful to the action genre, Top Gun: Maverick A lot of time was spent rekindling the romance between Maverick and Penny Benjamin. OkAllRight felt it was a bit out of place in the movie, saying, “I’m not sure how much the Maverick/Penny romance added.”

In a way that mimics the original, the subplot about Maverick and his lover makes the Super Pilot more relatable, gives the audience a chance to become more emotionally invested in Maverick, and finally gives him the happy ending he deserves of.

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'Top Gun 2' reviews break 20-year winning streak

Every movie has its proportion of naysayers, Top Gun: Maverick Can’t seem to get away with its haters, such as u/nopester24 claiming the film is “an overrated chick flick and a weak flick overall”. While everyone has the right to watch movies as much as they want, the notion is deeply unpopular, especially considering the film has an audience rating of 99% on Rotten Tomatoes.

With so many likable characters, an emotionally charged story, and absolutely thrilling action, it’s hard to see how this movie could be considered “weak,” and given the overwhelming number of positive reviews the film has received, some cynics might think This movie is “weak”. This movie is “overrated”.

the original is better

Thumbs up Maverick in Top Gun.

Sequels are always compared to the original, despite what many think Top Gun: Maverick An improvement on its predecessor, u/Riley_James08 argues that “the original was better”. something uncommon in most film series, Top GunMost fans feel that the original vs. sequel debate favors the sequel.

Although it is undeniable that the original Top Gun A classic that was a hit when it first came out, fans are rewarded with a sequel that builds on the success of the first film and adds a whole new level of charm, emotion and stakes.

inanimate character

Split Images of Phoenix, Maverick and Executioner in Top Gun

Fun-Anteater-6658 made perhaps the grossest comment on this list, claiming that ” [Top Gun: Maverick] In my opinion, they are bland. “Most people would take the exact opposite stance on this, because the character dynamics are one of the most interesting aspects of the movie.

Considering all the moments, such as the beach soccer scene, the bar scene that introduces most of the characters, or how the pilots react differently when they see the Maverick’s ridiculous talent and driving style, the characters in the movie Top Gun: Maverick By no means “lifeless”.

bad soundtrack

Hans Zimmer and Maverick in Top Gun

While “Danger Zone” is played only once in the film, Sommersen claims, “the soundtrack is terrible.” Still, it seems unlikely that the soundtrack, composed by industry heavyweights such as Hans Zimmer and Lady Gaga, will disappoint.

Using Lady Gaga’s “Hold My Hand” with the song’s beautiful instrumentals Top Gun: Maverick Use emotional ballads combined with nostalgic songs from the past. Especially considering Hans Zimmer’s legacy in film music, Top Gun: Maverick Not scary at all.

not interested in a sequel

Tom Cruise, Top Gun Maverick

Although the original Top Gun More than 35 years later, in 1986, many fans got very excited when a sequel was announced in 2017. However, galad2003 stated, “I have no interest in this. Maybe 20 years ago”, claiming that the sequel had just come out too late.

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Thirty-six years might be a pretty big gap between the original book and the sequel, but that doesn’t seem to affect the film’s success. Top Gun: Maverick, Because it could be Tom Cruise’s biggest movie ever. How is it in the public interest?

cliche flashback

Miles Teller as Goose in Top Gun 2

Although references to the original book are common in most sequels, Golden_aus argues that Top Gun: Maverick, “Flashbacks are corny.” The movie doesn’t have many flashback scenes; they’re a perfect blend of nostalgia, timing, and emotion.

Whether it’s showing the heartbreaking moment of Gus’ death or reminding people of the relationship dynamics between the characters, the flashbacks in the film Top Gun: Maverick Let the audience experience the emotions of the previous work from a new perspective.

Iceman’s funeral is unnecessary

Photo of Iceman being decorated in Top Gun Maverick

one of the most shocking moments Top Gun: Maverick From the passing of current Admiral Tom “The Iceman” Kazansky. Molkman thought the Iceman’s funeral scene was “weird and unnecessary,” but seeing Maverick punch the Marine Wing into the Iceman’s coffin marked a change in the film’s stakes and emotional tone.

Iceman’s funeral scene also allowed fans to give a proper send-off to one of the franchise’s most beloved and iconic characters, making for one of the film’s most emotional and tear-jerking moments.

too much nostalgia

Maverick and Goose in the Top Gun classroom

In the sequel, which pays homage to the original in multiple ways, some viewers, like Reddit user Georgy_K_Zhukov, found the nostalgia card played too far, claiming: “Nostalgia needs to be brought down by about 10 percent.”

Although the introduction at the beginning is almost exactly the same as the original Top Gun and has many similar quotes and themes, The sentimentality never seems out of place, and offers another fun way for fans (especially those who saw the original in theaters) to enjoy Top Gun: Maverick.

Having an Unnamed Nation as the Villain Brings the Movie Back

top gun maverick who is the villain

While the film goes beyond depicting the near-impossible challenge of bombing a nuclear-enhanced facility in a developed country, the audience (and the characters themselves) never know what the enemy state really is.

This turned some people off about the movie, like user nofork77, who thought “the movie has some bad motivations” but most viewers don’t care who the country is because it doesn’t take anything away from the risk . mission.

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