Trey Rogers Bio, Parents, Girlfriend, Age, Too Hot To Handle The Talks Today
Trey Rogers Bio, Parents, Girlfriend, Age, Too Hot To Handle

Trey Rogers Bio, Parents, Girlfriend, Age, Too Hot To Handle

Too hot to handle is back for a fifth series that promises to be spicier than ever. The first episodes of the season appeared on Netflix on July 14, 2023, introducing viewers to 10 individual contestants from around the world. And also, like in the old days, he launched a few new bombs. Trey Rogers was one of them. Now, in this text, let’s see who he is and how much trouble he creates in the show.

Trey Rogers on Netflix Too hot to handle

We already know from the fourth episode that Trey has his eye on the fantastic 1.85 cm Christine Obanor. But with Christine pretending to be hurt to suspect she’s not the man’s number one girlfriend, she may be in for a rough ride with Trey.

Trey is always looking for the next best thing and refuses to settle for anything less than perfect…except that the next best thing is often the next stunning girl who walks by, and with an island full of attractive women, this could prove to be a big problem for Trey and those who want win a cash prize.

Trey believes that with dimples and abs like his, he won’t have to work too hard to attract the attention of girls, especially when some of them have already proven that they don’t mind breaking the rules with the right person.

Like some of the other guys on the island, Trey never had a girlfriend for many years, but if anyone likes a challenge, it’s Lana. So, can this retreat from Lana change his mind, or will Trey stick to his old ways and tempt the girls to break some rules with him?

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Trey Rogers’ girlfriend

As of July 2023, the relationship status of Isaac Francis was unknown. Despite this, he won the hearts of more than one beautiful lady on a dating show he was not on for a long time. As for Trey, Christine Obanor immediately caught his eye. “Christine is beautiful. Girls with curly hair always catch my attention. I love rejection,” he said of her in the trailer.

Later, Trey expressed his desire to take Christine out on a date. Christine of course agreed and after it was over, she was also impressed by Trey’s presence and charm. At this time, however, the status of their relationship remains unknown.

In front of the cameras on the show, Trey also talked about his reputation for always having the most girls in his group of friends. Of course, he threw out the comment “Guys call me a problem, girls call me a solution.”

How old is Trey Rogers?

Trey Rogers was born in 2000. So, he turned 22 in 2022.

Who are Trey Rogers parents?

Trey Rogers comes from a family of four. Although we don’t understand much about them, we can still say that together they make a happy family.

Trey graduated from the University of Chicago in June 2022. And this picture is just one glimpse of him from that day with his family. Next to this family photo, he said: “I would go through it all over again for them in a heartbeat just to see those smiles.”

So, in his family, Trey has two loving and caring people his parents and one brother, younger than him.

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Another time, Trey was also seen giving a shout out to his mother and all the mothers he knows on Mother’s Day. For him, his mother is the strongest woman he knows. He likes to call her his “OG💪🏾”.

Height of Trey Rogers

Trey Rogers is 6′ 1″ or 1.185 meters tall. His waist and chest measurements are 32 and 41 inches, respectively. Also, his eyes are brown and his hair is black.

Trey Rogers’ business

Trey Rogers is the model/runaway model she represents Select Chicago. He had his first shoot in October 2019 and since then he has continued to collaborate with many good brands. In September 2022, he was featured in the “Jockey Fall Campaign 2022”. In November of the same year, he was one of the models for Tanger Outlets’ new brand campaign.

Trey has also modeled for Kohl’s and Tie bar.

So Trey obviously wants to take success one step at a time. He believes that there is no formula for success except hard work. Still, he said, intuition comes with time and that helps him. He can often be seen on his social media posts talking about how grateful he is every day to have the opportunity to do what he loves. He says he’s still figuring it out. He also said about himself that he is not an expert but an eternal student.

How Much is Trey Rogers Net Worth?

Trey Rogers reportedly had a net worth of less than $150K as of July 2023.

You can also expect to earn an average of $36.36 per hour or more working as a model in Chicago.

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Related FAQs

  • When is trey rogers birthday?

It is not known what day or month Trey Rogers celebrates his birthday.

  • Where is Trey Rogers from?

Trey Rogers hails from Chicago, one of the largest cities in the United States known for its daring architecture. The city is also home to the Willis Tower, the Neo-Gothic Tribune Tower, its museums and more.

However, as of 2023, he lived in Miami, Florida.

Trey was also in Africa, but maybe just for travel.

  • Is Trey Rogers on Instagram and Facebook?

You can find Trey Rogers on Instagram, not Facebook. As of July 16, 2023, his IG @treyyrogersofficial included 45 posts and 3,274 followers.

Additionally, he could also be followed on TikTok @treyrogersofficial.

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