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Twitter Timeline Not Loading, Why Is Twitter Timeline Not Loading? Is Twitter Timeline Down? 
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Twitter Timeline Not Loading, Why Is Twitter Timeline Not Loading? Is Twitter Timeline Down? 


Users can send and interact with 280-character-long messages, photos, and videos known as “tweets” on Twitter, a social media and social networking app owned and run by the American corporation Twitter, Inc. Unregistered users can only watch public tweets. Still, registered users can tweet, like, “retweet,” and send direct messages (DMs). Users can connect with Twitter programmatically through its APIs or frontend apps for mobile devices or web browsers.

Twitter Timeline Not Loading

Here are the steps for troubleshooting issues with

  • If you’re experiencing issues with, attempt to clear your cache and cookies for your mobile browser. This can be done by accessing the settings menu for your mobile browser and following the appropriate steps.

  • Reset your phone by turning it off for a duration of 5 minutes. This can help to reestablish the connection and potentially resolve any issues you’re experiencing.

Why Is Twitter Timeline Not Loading?

Here are the rephrased points for the Twitter service issues:

  • Earlier this morning, Twitter experienced issues with timelines being inaccessible, which users reported.

  • Service was intermittent for several hours before being fixed.

  • The issue was limited in scope, with the site itself remaining accessible, and users being able to tweet.

  • However, the “Following” and “For You” timelines were not loading.

  • It is been said that at around 5AM ET, users from the US, UK, and other regions reported outages.

  • By around 7:45 AM ET, most of the problems seemed to have been resolved, with feeds loading once more and normal service resumed.

Is Twitter Timeline Down?

According to USA today, Twitter experienced a significant outage early Wednesday, which was reported by thousands of users starting at around 5:15 a.m. ET. However, some users reported that the social media site appeared to be restored by 7 a.m. ET and there were declining reports of issues. The hashtag #TwitterDown was also trending on the platform during the morning.

During the outage, some users received a message welcoming them to Twitter, which is typically seen by new users during their first visit to the site. The message, captured in screenshots, read, “Welcome to Twitter! This is the best place to see what’s happening in your world. Find some people and topics to follow now.” Others had difficulty refreshing their Twitter feeds and received an error message stating, “Tweets aren’t loading right now. Try again.”

History Of Twitter

In March 2006, Twitter was developed by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams, and it went live in July of the same year. With over 25 offices, this network is a California corporation headquartered in San Francisco. By 2012, Twitter had over 100 million active users who sent 340 million tweets daily, and the service processed an average of 1.6 billion daily search requests. It has been called “the SMS of the Internet” and was one of the top ten most visited websites in 2013. At the beginning of 2019, Twitter had more than 330 million active users monthly. In reality, only a tiny percentage of people tweet the great majority of tweets.

Overview Of Twitter

Type of site Social networking service
Available in Multilingual
Founded March 21, 2006
Area served Worldwide, except blocking countries
Owner Twitter, Inc.
  • Jack Dorsey

  • Noah Glass

  • Biz Stone

  • Evan Williams

Registration Required
Launched July 15, 2006
Current status Active
Native client(s) on
  • iOS

  • iPad

  • Android

  • Windows

  • macOS

Written in
  • Java

  • Ruby

  • Scala

  • JavaScript

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