Update Link Chandigarh Viral Video On Twitter

Update Link Chandigarh Viral Video On Twitter

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Recently there is another viral on twitter which shows that this viral video is related to violence and also attempted suicide.

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Video Chandigarh Viral On Twitter


Mohali told ANI that there had been no evidence of attempted suicide after the woman’s video went viral on social media.

A minister in control of punjab’s women commissioner, the state is adamant that the perpetrators of crime will not be spared.

But a protest broke out on the campus of Chandigarh College
and after midnight a video of 60 women bathing in a hostel was published.

And then the police arrived at the scene and arrested the alleged Bachelor as making a video.

He is also suspected of being someone who shared the viral video on social media networks.

Education Minister Harjot Singh Bains urged students to remain calm. “This is a very important difficulty and it is related to the dignity of our sisters and women.

We all, along with the media, need to be careful, and this is our check now as a society,” he said.

A large number of undergraduates had been on campus Saturday night when negotiations with authorities appeared to have broken down.

A number of social media users protested saying that college authorities had attempted to cover up the incident.

Police have denied any involvement in loss of life, damage or attempted suicide after the video was launched.

A video of the woman who made the recording was also unveiled in which she confessed to the crime. Several insiders said that the defendant demanded cash from the woman.

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