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Urgot Trivia Answers, About Urgot trivia
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Urgot Trivia Answers, About Urgot trivia

Urgot Trivia Answers, About Urgot trivia

Urgot Trivia Answers

Urgot was already a formidable figure before he underwent his augmentation, which further enlarged his already imposing physique. Many fans speculate that The Voice from the Child of Zaun story is also the narrator of the Son of Ur story, as the latter is the only surviving adolescent. The Noxian ideal of strength is a complex and multifaceted concept, with different interpretations depending on one’s perspective. Urgot’s personal belief is that true strength can only be demonstrated in the ultimate test of survival: a brutal war of all against all. In light of these facts, let’s come up with some Urgot trivia questions and answers.

1) What is Urgot’s nickname?

  1. The Dreadnought

  2. The Executioner

  3. Of Legs and Fury

  4. Dredge’s Bane

Answer: The Dreadnought

2) In Urgot’s mind, which of the body parts did he once deem weak?

  1. Left arm

  2. Heart

  3. Legs

  4. Eyes

Answer: Legs

3) Where is Urgot’s originally form?

  1. Noxus

  2. Zaun

  3. Piltover

  4. Bilgewater

Answer: Noxus

4) What are Urgot’s followers called?

  1. Chem Fighters

  2. The sound of UR

  3. Sump Riders

  4. Sludger Runners

Answer: The sound of UR

5) What is Urgot’s interpretation of the value of strength?

  1. Strengths rule all

  2. Only the Worthy can survive

  3. Weakness is always an asset

  4. Strength must be tested constantly

Answer: Only the Worthy can survive

6) What is the name of the prison mine that Urgot was held in?

  1. Still Water

  2. The Locker

  3. The Dredge

  4. Stealcage

Answer: The Dredge

Urgot Trivia

Urgot was once a feared executioner of Noxus, wielding the power of the Noxian Crest with deadly precision. However, his loyalty to the empire was repaid with betrayal, and he found himself imprisoned in the Dredge, a mining facility located deep beneath the city of Zaun.

Despite the harsh conditions and iron chains that bound him, Urgot refused to surrender to his captors. Instead, he embraced the true meaning of strength, honing his skills and enduring the torment of his captivity. Eventually, a catastrophic event shook the foundations of Zaun, and Urgot saw an opportunity to escape his confinement. He emerged from the Dredge a changed man, with a fierce determination to exact vengeance on those who had wronged him.

Now, as a towering figure in the city’s criminal underworld, Urgot seeks to cleanse Zaun of its undesirables, using the very chains that once held him captive to bring his enemies to justice. Through his brutal methods, he aims to transform the city into a crucible of pain and suffering, where only the strongest can survive.

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