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Veep: The Funniest Episodes, Ranked

Veep: The Funniest Episodes, Ranked

May 2019 marked the end of HBO’s prominent show Veep after offering the world seven amazing seasons, and 17 Emmy Awards. Without a doubt, Veep will go down in history for being one of the most extraordinary series of the decade.

In a nutshell, Veep is a satirical glance at politics that revolves around the personal and professional life of Vice President Selina Meyer and her campaign members, who are desperately trying to help her achieve the highest seat in America. Since the show doesn’t disguise all the dirty politics that politicians play, one might expect it to be a Shakespearean tragedy. However, the reality of Veep is quite the contrary, as it is such a great comedic show. With that being said, here are some of the funniest episodes of Veep,ranked.


6/6 Veep (Season 7, Episode 7)

This is the very last episode of not only the season, but also of the show as a whole. While the final season of Veep may not be one of its strongest contenders, its final episode takes the cake. Naming the episode Veep brings the entire series together for one last time. Whether it is some characters like Bill and Sue returning or the show wrapping up every unfinished story, the finale does it all!

Since the whole premise of the show has been about how far can Selina go with her greed for power. Veep finally answers it by showing she can do it all without any remorse. When Ben has a heart attack and tells her that he is out of the election, Selina takes this opportunity to get ahead. Without even thinking twice, she sabotages Tom and outlaws gay marriages to win endorsements, even if it means her own daughter cuts ties with her. Not only this, but she also offers the devil, Jonah himself, the position of Vice Presidency, just to make sure she wins the seat, despite knowing how conservative and backward he is. However, in the end, she finally gets what she deserves. Though she wins, it is a very hollow and lonely victory. Giving the perfect end to Selina Meyer, and the series.

5/6 Mother (Season 5, Episode 4)

Throughout this episode, Julia Louis-Dreyfus proves why she truly deserved all six awards she received at the Emmys. In “Mother”, we see her dealing with her mom’s stroke and looming demise. After suffering negligence and nothing but coldness from her mom, she eventually has to stop her campaign to be by her side. This episode sheds light on Catherine Meyers, Selina’s only daughter, who is extremely close to her grandmother. “Mother” doesn’t shy away from highlighting how wicked Veep’s main character is. Selina is seen breaking down while delivering her deceased mother’s eulogy. Though it is not because her mother passed away, but because she lost Nevada and the right to vote. However, misinterpreting her perfectly timed tears, Catherine feels sympathy for her mother, along with the voters who were present there.

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4/6 Election Night (Season 4, Episode 10)

After Bill Ericsson is successfully scapegoated for the entire Data Breach incident, Selina and the team go to “Election Night.” This episode does a clever job of portraying the agonizing and quiet wait that a candidate goes through during the election. What initially felt like a loss, soon turns into a win as their team is tied in the presidential election. This season ends in the true Veep manner, with no proper resolution, leaving the country yet again in purgatory.

3/6 Joint Meeting (Season 4, Episode 1)

There might not be any other episode that does a better job of exhibiting how the Meyer team functions. It begins with them really attempting to be beneficial by making the military drop a project to finance the Families First Bill. However, upon succeeding, they get to know how they made the whole alliance of their parties pissed off along the way, which led to them reversing it all. In addition, we see Selina trying really hard to start on the right foot as the first-ever woman president. Therefore, she is extremely indecisive about her first official speech. One thing that sets it apart from the rest, is that this episode has a very nonlinear structure, as it actually starts with the end, which is when Selina’s prompter goes blank and then flashes back to the entire fiasco that led to it. The episode does a great job of portraying how messy every person’s life has become ever since Selina became president. Truly a delightful watch in all aspects.

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2/6 Kissing Your Sister (Season 5, Episode 9)

“Kissing Your Sister” ditches the usual format of the series and shows this episode to its audience in a mockumentary manner, which is recorded by Catherine for her school project. It retells all the events that occurred in season five, but through Catherine’s camera’s perspective. The audience gets to peek into Tom’s shady dealings and so much more. From revealing Ben’s third wife to Kent unwinding by spending quality time in a motorcycle gang. The episode shows some behind-the-scenes shots of Jonah attempting to cut firewood for his campaign ad. The audience also witnesses Dan’s turmoil when he cannot figure out if all of his grandparents are deceased or if some of them are alive. All-in-all, this episode is a perfect way of capturing everything that builds up in the season and then perfectly coming all together at the end.

1/6 Testimony (Season 4, Episode 9)

Without a doubt, “Testimony” is by far the best episode Veep has produced. This season in general was a constant parade of mess-ups by Meyer’s campaign team. From bill sabotages to data breaches, the team screwed it all up. However, everything comes to a head with this episode when the whole Meyer’s campaign team, along with Amy and Dan have to testify about their intentional sinking of the renowned Mommy Meyer bill.

Everything about the “Testimony” is absolutely brilliant. Whether it is Catherine’s hostility to Lee Pattersons during the deposition, or the panic on Bill Erickson’s fees when he gets to know that is going to be used as a scapegoat for Richard’s data breach confession. However, what makes it sit in the number one spot is Selina Meyer’s passive-aggressive cooperation during the entire inquiry, which leads to her forcing her child to call off her engagement. Another reason is the entire reading of the Jonad Files scene, which is essentially this list of nicknames regarding Jonah that was compiled by the staffers. Nicknames such as “Scrotum Pole” and “Teenage Mutant Ninja A**hole,” along with many others, will make the audience laugh out of their seats.