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Vice Ganda Warns People Who Make “Lip Read” Content

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Vice Ganda Warns People Who Make “Lip Read” Content

Vice Ganda Warns People Who Make “Lip Read” Content

Here’s what Vice Ganda said to people who spread this kind of content online.

VICE GANDA – Kapamilya comedian-host has this appeal to people online who create “lip read” content using their private videos.

Lipreading or speech reading is a technique where a person can determine what the other says just by watching the movement of the lips. This is best for those who have lost their sense of hearing. This technique enables them to take part in the conversation.

However, some people used this skill not for the sake of it but to create content.

They lipread what a celebrity says offstage which takes out the privacy on the part of the celebrities. This is what Kapamilya superstar Vice Ganda tackled just recently in an episode of It’s Showtime.

Popularity indeed comes with some of the best things in life like being recognized by a lot of people and be appreciated by them. However, one of its downsides happens when one loses control over it.

“Yung malalang fame at popularity minsan nakakasakal na rin talaga eh,” the comedian quipped which led on to the topic about people who lipreads what they say offcamera and make a content out of it.

He called out the people who record them and lipread what they say in their content then spread it online. This one is already crossing the line of their privacy who wants to converse with friends just like what normal people do.

It’s offensive on their part. He added, “Nili-lipread nila tapos ang nakakatakot pag mali yung sinasabi.”

Based on her personal video, being recognized and all feels great but not when people are already crossing the line. According to Jhong Hilario, this gets even more dangerous as there are people who easily believes what’s shared online. There are people who believes right away without verifying the information.

Meanwhile, being popular also comes with success, and with success, you can provide more for the people you love. Last Christmas 2023, Vice gifted his Nanay Rosario a brand-new car. It is something his Nanay can accordingly use for church and the size is just right for her size.

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