Watch Keenan Anderson Full Video LAPD Bodycam Footage Leaked

Watch Keenan Anderson Full Video LAPD Bodycam Footage Leaked

Watch Keenan Anderson Full Video LAPD Bodycam Footage Leaked; On January 3rd in Venice, California, Keenan Anderson was killed during a struggle with the police, as shown in the complete video. The Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has made body camera video of the incident available. It depicts the circumstances that led to Anderson’s demise.

After being accused of being engaged in a collision, Anderson is seen in the video asking an LAPD officer riding a motorbike for assistance.

Anderson apologized profusely and informed the police that someone was attempting to kill him as the officer drew up to the scene of the collision.

When the officer pressed Anderson for more information on his claim, Anderson became perplexed and provided hazy justifications. Anderson begged the police for water and then pleaded to be shown in another body camera video.

Anderson and the officers engaged in a brief foot chase after he jogged across to the opposite side of the crossing.

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Anderson fought with numerous LAPD police as they caught up to him. One of the officers continually threatened to Taser Anderson if he continued to resist during the struggle. Anderson screamed, “They’re trying to George Floyd me!” as the officers attempted to roll him over to lay on his stomach.

The officer repeatedly deployed a Taser on Anderson during the struggle, one for what seemed to be more than 10 seconds. Later, Anderson was restrained and taken into police custody.

He was subsequently transported to a Santa Monica hospital, where he was later declared dead. According to a statement from the LAPD, Anderson passed away following a heart attack.

Justice for Anderson and calls for an investigation into the conduct of the LAPD officers engaged in the incident have been demanded as a result of the release of this video.

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