Watch Lionel Messi Ignores Salt Bae After He Keeps Pestering Him During World Cup Fina, Video Goes Viral

After leading Argentina to victory in the FIFA World Cup 2022 Final, Lionel Messi was left clearly irritated by the Instagram celebrity chef Salt Bae with the video viral

At the Lusail Stadium in Qatar, Argentina overcame France to win the FIFA World Cup 2022. Lionel Messi was finally able to get his hands on the one trophy that was missing from his collection as a result of Argentina’s victory. The victory represented a talismanic performance for Messi throughout the tournament as Argentina rebounded from their opening loss to Saudi Arabia.

The victory also marked a talismanic performance for Messi. Lionel Messi and the rest of Argentina’s team were overcome with emotion after Gonzalo Montiel scored the game-winning penalty for Argentina, and they were joined in their celebrations by members of their families.

Lionel Messi Ignores Salt Bae After He Keeps Pestering Him During World Cup Fina, Video Goes Viral

Salt Bae, an Instagram celebrity chef, was able to access the field of play. Then engage in conversation with the Argentine players in an intimate setting. In addition to that, he was able to get a selfie with Messi, but the cameras were there to film the awkward moment.

He was observed attempting to attract Messi’s attention on two separate occasions, but both times he was unsuccessful. However, because of his constant bargaining, Messi was eventually forced to take a selfie with him.

In addition, fans vented their anger at the celebrity chef for invading the players’ personal space. He also managed to get his hands on the World Cup trophy, which is a violation of the rules.

Salt Bae Went Against Regulations To Touch The FIFA World Cup 2022 Trophy

According to FIFA regulations, the trophy can only be touched by a small set of people. Which includes the champions as well as the heads of state. Since the event, numerous recordings of the chef making Angel Di Maria and Lisandro Martinez uncomfortable has come up. He is also seen grabbing the prize from Cristian Romero. He was also caught on camera biting the gold medal that Franco Armani had won.

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