What did Gareth Mason do? Slice The Cake vocalist faces serious criminal charges

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Musician Gareth Mason is well recognized for his work with the progressive metal group Slice The Cake. However, the group said in December 2022 that they were no longer working with Mason.

Gareth Mason crime? 

Previous Slice Gareth Mason, the singer of The Cake and Novena, is allegedly dealing with “serious criminal charges.” At the time this piece was written, the accusations against the musician had not been made public. The two musical groups have, however, publicly denounced their behaviour.

Who Is Gareth Mason And What Did He Do?

Gareth Mason is a well-known musician who played with the progressive metal band Slice The Cake. However, the organization announced in December 2022 that Mason was no longer involved.

It was disclosed today that the former head of an academy trust that the government established to take over schools that no one else wanted to manage has been charged with prior child sex offenses.

It is alleged that Gareth Mason assaulted a young girl indecently and attempted to perform an act of gross indecency on her.

Later this month, the 52-year-old Leeds resident is scheduled to appear in the city’s magistrates’ court.

A representative for West Yorkshire Police informed MailOnline: Gareth Mason faces charges related to alleged sexual offenses that took place in Wakefield between 2001 and 2002.

“The offenses pertain to a single female who was under the age of sixteen at the time and are for indecent assault and attempting to commit an act of gross indecency.”

Mason was a leading education chief in Britain, known for his ability to turn around underperforming schools that no one wanted to manage and were therefore referred to as “orphan” schools.

He served as CEO of the Falcon Education Academies Trust till three years ago. Sir Gavin Williamson, the former education secretary, founded the trust in 2019.

Falcon wanted to take on educational institutions that were having problems with funding or academic performance.

But in October 2020, Mason abruptly and without cause left. The Falcon trust declined to comment at the time as to why. He was on a one-of-a-kind secondment from the Delta Academies Trust.

Mason hasn’t worked for them “for a number of years,” according to what they claimed today. The Department of Education and Falcon Education Academies Trust have not provided any comments. Falcon, which debuted last month, is scheduled to close.


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