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What did Tony Seruga say? Intelligence analyst trolled after claiming his clients include ‘Dutch East India Company’

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Tony Seruga is an intelligence analyst who is 38 years old. In the next fourteen months, he predicted, there would be a terrorist strike on US soil. The way he described his professional bio on X, the former name of Twitter, resulted in him being constantly trolling.

Tony Seruga is a professional marketer and a serial entrepreneur. Although Tony claims in public that he has lost track of the number of businesses he has founded, those in charge of running his day-to-day operations are aware that the figure is probably closer to 240.

What is even more astonishing is the fact that more than 70% of Tony’s start-ups have been profitable. Tony created a strategy that functions in every business by developing and honing a variety of tried-and-true marketing strategies along the road.

At the moment, Tony offers his clients full turn-key marketing solutions, which will eventually enable proactive management and optimization of all marketing initiatives, resulting in a 25%–100% increase in business revenues in as little as 60–90 days.

What did Tony Seruga say?

When the many marketing components are combined, planned, and carried out to enhance one another, the long-term outcomes have shown to be noticeably better.

Tony’s team of marketing experts may take over the role of your company’s whole marketing department, freeing you up to concentrate on your business’s core skills while still reaping the rewards of a proactive marketing campaign.

Following that, Tony and his team will provide your business access to a top-notch marketing department that consists of a vice president of marketing, brand managers, art directors, web designers, media planners, social media experts, public relations specialists, market researchers, and gifted strategists.

Furthermore, because Tony is paid on a contingency basis, there is actually no cost associated with his services. Furthermore, depending on the industry, the risk may be characterized as low or even nonexistent.

The great thing is that Tony’s primary source of income is derived from a revenue share of the higher profits that his marketing strategies and systems bring in for you and your business. The simple truth is that Tony succeeds when you do. It is a definite no-brainer.

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