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What Happened To Bruce On Survivor 44? Is Bruce From Survivor OK?
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What Happened To Bruce On Survivor 44? Is Bruce From Survivor OK?

Bruce Survivor 44 Injury

Survivor season 44 is a popular Popular reality competition series which aired its 2-hour premiere episode on March 1, 2023, at 8 pm ET on CBS. The series documented 18 castaways embarking on the journey of their lifetime and taking part in their first challenges of the season. Throughout the episode, the competitors wasted no time in forming alliances, creating strategies, and looking for immunity idols. Now, people are searching What Happened To Bruce On Survivor 44. Scroll down and get all the details here.

What Happened To Bruce On Survivor 44?

Bruce was medically evacuated on the premiere episode of Survivor after he suffered a head injury and a concussion in the 1st challenge. He was the first member to leave the competition. Fans were left dissatisfied with his exit.

The CBS series was famous amongst the audience. It will have the castaways spending 26 days instead of 39 in the jungle on the Fiji islands, attempting to become the only survivor and beat other contestants to win the title and the grand cash prize of $1 million.

Is Bruce From Survivor Ok?

Bruce from the Tika tribe hit his head when navigating a block and began bleeding a lot. Host Jeff Probst asked the castaway to let him know if he required medical aid, but Bruce noted that he was doing just fine.

But, Bruce lost blood and then fell to his knees, following which Jeff halted the challenge on Survivor and called for medical aid. When he was thought okay, it did scare fellow cast members and viewers.

Bruce Survivor Medical Emergency

Later on in the episode, we saw Bruce’s condition did not seem good, following which the medical support tended to him. He couldn’t play anymore and he had to be medically evacuated. Bruce was in tears as he wanted to stay for the whole game. Bruce’s tribe members consoled him and also promised to win it for him.

Survivor 44 Tribes

The Survivor 44 producers divided the cast into 3 tribes before arriving in Fiji. They are Ratu, Soka, and Tika. Ratu consists of Brandon, Matthew, Kane, Lauren, Jaime, and Maddy. Soka contains Frannie, Josh, Danny, Matt, Heidi, and Claire. And Tika consists of Sarah, Bruce, Yam Yam, Carson, Helen, and Carolyn. Bruce from Tika is now injured.

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