You are currently viewing What Happened To Garden City NY James Mastaglio? Obituary And Death Cause Revealed

What Happened To Garden City NY James Mastaglio? Obituary And Death Cause Revealed

What Happened To Garden City NY James Mastaglio? Obituary And Death Cause Revealed

It is from the deepest of our hearts that James Mastaglio of Garden City, New York has passed away. James Mastaglio’s demise prompted family mourning and many people want to learn what happened to him or how did he die. Since James Mastaglio’s death news broke out and he was pronounced dead, the reason for his untimely demise has been in the questions of the people. As James Mastaglio was a reputed and devoted family man who had the favor of many. His name came to the limelight on the internet after his passing when a myriad of people took their social media handles to pay tributes to him. If you are scrambling to the internet to learn James Mastaglio’s cause of death and obituary, this article is for you. Go through it till the end.

What Happened To Garden City NY James Mastaglio?

James Mastaglio was a former men’s basketball player. He played for the Princeton Tigers. More about him, James Mastaglio was a native of Garden City, New York. He played a key role in the victories of his senior class in two NCAA tournament games. In previous seasons, James Mastaglio also played in three Ivy League championships. What happened to him and how did he die? Shift to the next section and read the details of his death.

James Mastaglio breathed his last on Monday, July 24, 2023. Reportedly, James Mastaglio was 47 years of age at the time of his departure. He worked as a partner and trader for Cara Castle Partners. Talking about his early days, he used to go to Princeton University and Garden City Senior High School. During the 1997-98 season, he was crucial to Princeton Tigers. Who confirmed the news of James Mastaglio’s death? Michael Marino of Boynton Beach, Florida posted a heartfelt note on Facebook. Scroll down.

Michael Marino said on a very sad note and upsetting to me, one of the best, no in fact the best basketball player I ever coached at the NHP PAL in the late 1980s, James Mastaglio unexpectedly passed yesterday. GC resident great family went on to be a star player at Princeton leading them to several Ivy League titles and some NCAA tournament wins. Spoke to him at Leo’s not too long ago maybe getting together for some golf. Details about the mass funeral and memorial have not been shared yet. More details to come on this website. Stay tuned to the website for further updates and more details.