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What Happened To Severide On Chicago Fire? Is Severide Leaving Chicago Fire? Why Is Severide Leaving Chicago Fire?
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What Happened To Severide On Chicago Fire? Is Severide Leaving Chicago Fire? Why Is Severide Leaving Chicago Fire?

Who Is Severide On Chicago Fire?

Severide is a main character on the television show “Chicago Fire,” which follows the firefighters and paramedics of Firehouse 51 of the Chicago Fire Department. The character is played by actor Taylor Kinney. Severide is a Lieutenant and a highly skilled firefighter who is often at the forefront of major incidents and rescues. He is also known for his expertise in arson investigation and has been involved in several investigations over the course of the series. Severide is a complex character with a troubled past, including the loss of his father, and has struggled with addiction and relationships throughout the show.

What Happened To Severide On Chicago Fire?

In Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 15, Severide is not present, and the reason for his absence is related to his interest in arson investigation. The previous episode revealed that he received an invitation from Van Meter, the CFD’s Office of Fire Investigation captain, for an arson investigation training program. In the next episode, Van Meter visits Boden’s office to explain the situation, and Boden expresses his frustration over Severide being taken out of commission on such short notice. However, Van Meter explains that this is a rare opportunity, and after seeing Severide’s skills, he couldn’t think of a better candidate for the program. Though Severide’s absence will burden the house for a while, Van Meter believes that the knowledge and skills he brings back will benefit the whole department. It is not confirmed if Severide is planning to transfer to OFI permanently, but for now, he is taking this opportunity to sharpen his investigation skills. While Severide is missed by 51, it is a great opportunity for him to pursue one of his passions.

Is Severide Leaving Chicago Fire?

Severide’s role in recent episodes of Chicago Fire has remained significant, with him leading investigations and partnering with Chicago PD characters to solve cases. Despite the introduction of the OFI subplot and the focus on it, it appears that the show is preparing to move quickly. However, the TV production process is usually a few episodes ahead of what airs, so it may be a while before fans experience any changes related to actor Taylor Kinney’s exit.

While Severide’s exit may be imminent, his talent for investigation has always been apparent, and it is nice to know that the character will remain in town to work on something he is passionate about. The viewers should brace themselves for goodbyes during this week’s episode, but it could be worse as shown by the polarizing response to Halstead leaving Chicago PD to fight drug cartels in Central America.

Why Is Severide Leaving Chicago Fire?

he latest installment of the popular NBC action series “Chicago Fire,” which is its eleventh season, portrays the main character, Kelly Severide, going through a difficult phase in his life. However, it has been announced that Taylor Kinney, who portrays Severide in the show, will be taking a temporary leave of absence starting from January 20, 2023. The exact reason behind Kinney’s departure has not been disclosed by either the actor or the network, but it has been confirmed that it is due to a personal matter that he needs to deal with.

According to reports, the cast and crew of “Chicago Fire” were informed of Kinney’s sudden departure on the same day as the announcement. As the departure was unexpected, the show’s writers will have to make significant changes to the remaining episodes that will not feature Kinney. It is currently unclear when Kinney’s character will make his final appearance before taking the leave of absence. However, it has been noted that promotional materials for the fourteenth episode of the season show Severide, suggesting that he may not appear in the show after March 2023.

Where Is Severide On Chicago Fire?

Severide’s departure from Chicago Fire was hinted at in the previous episode, but it was not fully explained until the current episode. Although Severide mentioned his interest in the OFI to Kidd in the previous episode, the details surrounding his departure were not shown on screen. In the current episode, Severide is absent, and Chief Boden reveals that he decided to attend an arson investigation training program in Alabama. The audience is left to assume that Severide left for Alabama between episodes, and the specifics of his departure were not included in the current episode.

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