Where is Sally McNeil’s Son John Now?

Where is Sally McNeil’s Son John Now?

Netflix’s ‘Killer Sally’ is a three-part docuseries that delves into the case of Sally McNeil’s killing of her then-husband, Ray McNeil, on Valentine’s Day in 1995. The current chronicles how Sally’s relationship with Ray progressed over time and what lastly led to the fateful incident. When it occurred, John, Sally’s son from a earlier marriage, was within the residence alongside alongside together with his sister, Shantina. On the current, he shared his side of the story. So, let’s uncover out further about him then, we may?

Who is Sally McNeil’s Son John?

John is Shantina’s youthful brother, and he was spherical 9 years earlier when Ray was shot in 1995. When he was youthful, John remembered how everyone would stare at his family on account of they appeared completely completely different. While points seemed to be okay at first, Ray’s violent side rapidly acquired right here out and made life powerful for the kids. John stated on the current that Ray bodily abused him, notably when his mother was not spherical.

John recounted one such incident from when he was in kindergarten. Upon telling Ray that he acquired in trouble in school, John claimed that Ray beat him with a belt. Furthermore, John stated that when he or Shantina did one factor improper, Ray would take them every to a room and spank one amongst them whereas the other watched. John added, “I remember how tortuous it used to be to have to sit there and watch him abuse my sister and to know that I was next.”

As per the current, Sally had consider to take the youngsters, depart Ray, and switch to Allentown, the place she was born. However, that under no circumstances occurred as a result of what transpired on February 14, 1995. On that night, John remembered waking up ensuing from his sister’s screams, and he later observed Ray on the bottom after Sally shot him. The ensuing investigation had the prosecution think about Sally’s aggressive tendencies, and in the end, a jury found her accountable of second-degree murder.

Where is Sally McNeil’s Son John Today?

John was raised by his maternal grandparents and joined the navy after that. While he had some correspondence with Sally, he stopped chatting with her for a while, and on the current, John wished he might have been there for her further. John extra talked about dealing with PTSD ensuing from his 5 combat excursions to Afghanistan, resulting in him getting hooked on medication. John talked about having a partner nonetheless talked about he regretted not being good to her. He has since saved a low profile and seems focused on elevating his son. As per the current, John obtained treatment for drug and alcohol behavior. He lives in Texas and speaks to his mother typically, together with having relationship with Shantina and her son.