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Jerold Dunning
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Where Is The Alleged Child Abuser Now?

Where Is The Alleged Child Abuser Now?

Jerold Dunning: Where Is The Alleged Child Abuser Now?

When Kym Brown-Hunter started dating Jerold Dunning, things started to look good for her since he looked to take on the role of a father figure for her daughter, Jaime Brown. However, claims of sexual abuse shook the family in the years that followed. The second half of “In Pursuit with John Walsh: Evil Deception” on Investigation Discovery focuses on the alleged crimes of Jerold Dunning and the events that followed. So, if you’re interested in learning more, here is what we do know.


Jerold Dunning

Jerold Dunning: Who is He?

Jerold Dunning was Kym Brown-then-buddy Hunter’s husband’s when they first met. She and Jaime were living on a boat with her husband at the time. But after a few years, they split up, with Jerold supporting Kym through her difficult period. After they started dating, Kym and Jaime moved in with him after about five months. Jerold was a luxury yacht builder at the time, and Kym was a private eye.

After then, Kym received a call from Jaime’s school in October 1998. The girl had accused Jerold of molesting her sexually when she was 12 years old. Jaime initially recalled it beginning in June 1996. She claimed that it started off innocently but quickly got worse. Jaime, who was 10 years old, said that Jerold grabbed her inappropriately while he was still wearing his shorts while she was doing her anatomy homework. Jaime claimed that he even groped her while she was in the shower and afterwards proposed paying her for oral sex.

Jerold was charged with acting in the same manner for over two years. According to the show, a stay with one of Jaime’s pals also had an impact. She claimed that Jerold began teasing her when they were alone, then pulled at her pants and pinned her to the mattress. When Jaime entered the room, the companion released herself. When Kym learned of the accusations, she was inconsolable and relocated to her brother’s house with her kid; Jerold was away on a trip at the time.

Once the police were involved, they had Kim phone Jerold in an effort to persuade him to confess to what he was being accused of. He offered her money and admitted to several of the crimes during that phone call. Kym agreed to meet, but the people waiting for him were the police. Jerold was detained but eventually freed on bond. However, when the time for his trial in January 1999 arrived, he failed to appear and vanished without a trace.

Who Is Kym Brown Hunter?

Dunning, a friend of her husband, joined them when they went boating for the Fourth of July holiday. Hunter learned from him how to use the sails.

Dunning supported her after her marriage broke out. They frequently got together to drink. She claimed that one of those occasions it resulted in more.Hunter had a history of being wary around males. When it came to males she didn’t know, she was especially ferociously protective of her little daughter. She was continuously observing how they spoke to and touched the girl. She would research the background of her daughter’s pals and other people she knew because she was a former private investigator.

But she had faith in Dunning. Enough so that a few months after they started dating, she made the decision one night that she had to tell him about her background.

When she was six years old, she told her father how she had lost her virginity. How often the old man had sexually assaulted her. And how, out of fear of telling anyone, she had kept it a secret for years.

Dunning didn’t say much. He assured her that he did. Hunter and her daughter soon after moved in with him.

Then, four years later, she received a call from the police. A school counselor had been informed by her daughter that Dunning had been abusing her sexually.

Hunter experienced a horrible sensation of shame along with being misled. She had sworn to shield her daughter, but she had fallen short.

Hunter has worked hard to put things right over the course of the last 13 years.

Jerry Dunning was always waiting for Jaime Brown when she returned from school.

He was occasionally a kind man who took the child and her mother sailing off St. Petersburg on the boats he constructed for a living or allowed her to assist him in fixing Jeeps in their garage.

Dunning, though, had another side. Brown spoke in a trembling voice about the other Jerry Dunning, the one she knew only, while seated at the kitchen table in her mother’s house recently. Brown rolled the edges of a beautiful cloth with her fingers as she spoke.

She was working on her fifth-grade anatomy homework at the kitchen table one evening in 1996 when it all started. Dunning informed her he could show her the body parts as he glanced over her shoulder. She then informed authorities that he touched her over her clothing after dropping his shorts. 10 years old.

Everything improved over time. She claimed that occasionally he touched her in the shower. He made her a few cash offers.

But she wasn’t always concerned by the things he did. Frequently, it was what he said.

One evening, Dunning entered her room to wait for her mother to get home from work.

She recalled him asking her to act asleep until Mom gets home. To hear what a genuine woman sounds like, please listen at our bedroom door.

Brown feared telling an adult. If she did, she believed she would need to demonstrate how Dunning was acting. She made an effort to hint at her mother.

She informed her, “I don’t like him. But she never gave a reason.

Hunter believed that Dunning’s attempts to correct her daughter were unpopular.

Brown claimed that her mother had always supported Dunning.

Brown disclosed the abuse to his close friends. They dreamed up elaborate plans to install covert cameras throughout the house in an effort to capture Dunning in the act.

Brown finally realized she had to inform someone. Two years later, a buddy convinced her to consult a school counselor.

Counselor informed police, who then informed Hunter. Hunter’s entire world ended suddenly. She recalled that it appeared as though he passed very unexpectedly.

Dunning was on vacation. Hunter fled with her daughter to her brother’s house before he returned home, gathering as much of her valuables as she could.

The following day, detectives arranged a recorded phone contact between Hunter and Dunning, during which, according to the police, he allegedly acknowledged to some of the charges.

After the fact learning made matters worse, according to Brown.

Brown believed that her mother should have anticipated it. She ought to have recognized Dunning as an abuser. She didn’t, though.

Hunter, the youngest of seven kids, was raised in a home that was devout. Her father insisted that his kids follow his rigid Christian beliefs.

Movies, dances, and concerts weren’t held. no adornment or cosmetics The household attended church twice on Sundays and once on Wednesdays.

Hunter now claims, “My father hid behind religion.

When she discovered that he had also abused her sisters when they were younger, he had been abusing her for a long time.

When she turned twelve, the abuse ceased. She discovered that her 8-year-old niece was her father’s most recent victim five years later. The mother and a pastor were informed by Hunter and her sisters. Her father was put in jail.

Where Is Jerold Dunning’s Wife Now?

He entered a guilty plea and was imprisoned for seven years. His wife filed for divorce. After being freed, he relocated and started going to a different church.

The family soon discovered that he had become engaged to be married. He had young grandchildren from his wife.

Their father and his preacher visited with Hunter and her siblings. The elderly man was questioned about what he had done.

Hunter has learned through years of therapy that abusers never quit. Since the early 1990s, she hasn’t seen or spoken to her father.

When the father of her daughter started to physically abuse her, she subsequently left him. She had observed negative traits in past men she had dated. Yelling. Moodiness. knocking on doors.

Hunter declared, “It never ends.

Dunning had a level disposition. Small things have no effect on him. He was the subject of a background check, which she conducted on everyone, and it revealed a trespassing charge that he successfully defended. But when she read the report after he was taken into custody, she discovered that he had actually been caught peering into people’s windows.

She claimed that finding out the reality about what he had done to her daughter was crippling. She occasionally struggled to get out of bed in the morning.

She visited a counselor with her daughter. But Hunter was aware that seeing Jaime’s abuser punished would be the best form of therapy.

Hunter had been anticipating going up against Dunning in court for months while she and her daughter gave deposition testimony. Hunter prepared a statement to be read in court before the trial.

She wrote to Mr. Dunning, saying, “Mr. Dunning, I am a survivor and I will overcome the pain and anguish you put me through.” “On the other hand, it is still unknown whether my daughter will live. She no longer has her innocence or childhood because of you. They are permanently gone.”

She was unable to read it.

Dunning skipped the opening day of his trial on June 19, 1999. The previous evening, his neighbors witnessed him packing up his possessions and leaving in a box truck.

Hunter had been warned by Dunning that he wouldn’t be able to endure jail life. This did not, however, reduce her fury.

Brown found it to be a relief. With Dunning gone, there would be no more witness, no more reflecting on his actions, and no more experiencing the suffering he had caused.

However, he reserves the majority of his rage for Hunter, who he holds responsible for fabricating the claims and intimidating his family.

He envisions his brother being somewhere near the water, possibly in the Virgin Islands, where he has been. He envisions himself working in a marina, perhaps constructing boats.

He fathered a child with another woman while they were apart for a while. At this time, Brown has a son and a stepdaughter.

She works to keep them safe. She becomes anxious when she sees her children interacting with others.


Jerold Dunning
Jerold Dunning

Where is Jerold Dunning?

Kym thought Jerold might be where Camden, his mother, was. When his bond was paid, she relocated to Maryville, Tennessee. There, Kym discovered that an apartment had been rented by a person by the name of CJ Dunning. Jerold’s middle name, Chester, was revealed to have been used by neighbors who recognized him. According to rumors, Jerold was a seafood delivery driver. In 2004, the FBI became involved and accused him of fleeing the country illegally to escape being prosecuted.

Jerold had already gone when federal officers arrived in Maryville, according to the documentary, but this led the authorities to suspect that someone had given them a tip. Since that time, the authorities have kept looking for him as he is still on the run. The show suggests that Jerold, who is currently 63 years old, may be hiding out and repairing boats in the Caribbean. He might also be in Mexico or Brazil, according to the authorities. In 2012, Jerold’s brother Kevin suggested that Jerold might be in the US Virgin Islands.

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