White Men Can’t Jump Reboot Co-Writer Wants Wesley Snipes & Woody Harrelson Cameos

White Men Can’t Jump Reboot Co-Writer Wants Wesley Snipes & Woody Harrelson Cameos

The 1992 sports comedy film White Men Can’t Jump is getting rebooted with an all-new cast, but the filmmakers are hoping that two lead stars of the original film will be back for the updated version. Written and directed by Ron Shelton, the original movie starred Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as a pair of streetball hustlers taking advantage of the perception that white men can’t be skilled at basketball. The film was a hit at the box office with overall positive reviews, though it has somehow managed to never get a sequel or a remake… until now.

Over the past several years, Kenya Barris has been working hard to get a remake of White Men Can’t Jump off the ground. The project began making serious traction this year with Sinqua Walls (American Soul) and rapper Jack Harlow signing on to play roles similar to the characters played by Snipes and Harrelson in the original. Barris co-wrote the screenplay for the reboot with Doug Hall while Calmatic was brought in to direct the feature film.


Other actors in the film include Lance Reddick, Teyana Taylor, and Laura Harrier. There has not been any indication that Snipes and Harrelson will appear, but while recently speaking with TMZ, Barris suggested that the two could still end up appearing in the reboot. Here’s what he had to say when asked if the OG actors from White Men Can’t Jump will be featured in the new version.

“I hope so! We’re trying. We would love to have them.”

It should be noted that filming on the project reportedly wrapped over the summer, so if Snipes and Harrelson were not brought in for the sequel, it may be too late to make it happen, but it’s still possible with reshoots. Another possibility is that the two actors had secretly been brought in for cameos and Barris simply doesn’t want to spoil the surprise. It’s also just as possible that the two will not be involved with the reboot in any way whatsoever but that Barris did not yet want to give a clear answer to that question to the press. In any case, we’ll just have to wait and see if the cameos end up happening.

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Woody Harrelson Said Back in 2017 He Wouldn’t Be Interested

Word of a White Men Can’t Jump remake happening goes back to 2017. At the time, Harrelson addressed the possibility of coming back for the new film, perhaps to reprise his role or even just for a special cameo. While Harrelson said it was “cool” to see the film get remade, he suggested that he wouldn’t be up for appearing in any capacity.

“No, I think that’s really cool they’re doing that but I mean … Yeah, I can’t see reprising that role or even a cameo,” Harrelson told FanSided. “No, I mean, I’m glad they’re doing it and I hope it’s great! Hell, I hope it’s better than the original! But … I can’t see going down there, and getting down in Venice and pumping up my sneakers.”

It’s been several years, so perhaps Harrelson changed his mind. For now, a release date has not yet been set for the new White Men Can’t Jump.