Who Is David Corenswet Dating In 2022?

Who Is David Corenswet Dating In 2022?

Many questions have been raised about David Corenswet’s personal life and relationships. Learn more about the person.

David is an actor, screenwriter, and social media star from the United States. After being in “The Politician,” a web series, he has gotten a lot of attention from the media.

The actor is also known for his work on “Elementary,” a TV show on CBS. He plays a supporting role in the movie Houston Spivey.

The scriptwriter also took part in the “Moe & Jerryweather” sketch show on Vimeo, which he helped make. Corenswet’s LinkedIn page says that he is also good at film production, cinematography, and editing videos.

David Corenswet

Is David Corenswet in a relationship?

If you look at the actor David Corenswet’s social media accounts, he doesn’t seem to have a partner at the moment. The actor has more than 340k followers on Instagram, but he only posts about his work and doesn’t talk about his personal life.

Under the handle @davidcorenswet, he is active on the platform, where you can see pictures from his most recent photo shoots, pictures of him with his pets, and sneak peeks at his upcoming and past film projects.

Also, it’s hard to find out about his possible partner or lover because he hasn’t been in a relationship with any of his famous co-stars or anyone else.

Family of David Corenswet

On July 8, 1993, David Corenswet was born into the Corenswet family. His father, John Corenswet, grew up in a well-known Jewish family in New Orleans. Before becoming a lawyer, he worked for many years as a theater actor in New York City.

David’s mother is also a lawyer, and she focuses on helping charitable groups settle disagreements.

David wrote on his Instagram account in June 2019 that his father had died and how much he would be missed. This shows that they were close.

The actor also showed a picture of himself as a young child with his father.

Joe also grew up with his sister, and he talks about her a lot on his Instagram page. He went to New York City’s Juilliard School and got a bachelor’s degree in drama there.

David Corenswet Net Worth From Acting Career

David Corenswet has been in movies for a long time and is thought to be worth between $1 million and $5 million. David began acting when he was a young child, just like his late father. He is best known for his role as River the Politician.

Before he went to college, he was in a production of “All My Sons and Hairspray,” a play by Arthur Miller. This was done by the Arden Theatre Company in 2002.

In 2011, the Crossbow studio made the short film “Following the Chase,” which was David’s first time acting. He also wrote the script for the movie.

In the TV show Moe & Merryweather, he played Merryweather, and in the 2013 movie Michael and Clyde, he played Clyde.

David played Michael Lawson in the 2018 political movie “Affairs of State.” Forbes was blown away by how well he did in this movie, and his performance was praised and talked about on Forbes.com.

Besides that, he also knows a lot about cinematography and making movies. He is a good director and editor and speaks English and French well.

How old is David Corenswet?

David was born on July 8, 1993, making him 29 years old in 2022.

Is David Corenswet seeing someone?

As of September 15, 2022, David Corenswet seems to be single.

David Corenswet went to high school where?

Corenswet went to The Shipley school and got her diploma there. In 2016, she went to the Juilliard School in New York City and got her bachelor of fine arts in drama.

Are there pictures of David Corenswet on Instagram?

Under the name @davidcorenswet, David Corenswet is active.

How I grew up and went to school

Corenswet grew up in the Pennsylvania city of Philadelphia. His father, John Corenswet, came from a well-known Jewish family in New Orleans and worked as a stage actor in New York City for many years before becoming a lawyer. His mother is a lawyer who specializes in helping nonprofit organizations resolve conflicts, and his sister is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School.
Edward Packard is Corenswet’s maternal grandfather. He came up with the idea for the Choose Your Own Adventure books and wrote more than 50 of them.
His grandmother on his mother’s side was a well-known Quaker activist.

Corenswet went to The Shipley School and got her diploma. In 2016, she went to the Juilliard School in New York City and got her Bachelor of Fine Arts in drama. He tried to get into Juilliard when he was a freshman at the University of Pennsylvania, and he was accepted.


As a child actor, Corenswet was in many professional theater shows, such as the Arden Theatre Company’s 2002 production of Arthur Miller’s All My Sons, the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival’s 2003 production of Macbeth, the Walnut Street Theatre Company’s 2003 production of La Vie En Bleu, and the People’s Light and Theatre Company’s 2004 production of The Forgiving Harvest.

Greg Koorhan directed the 2011 movie Following Chase, which Corenswet wrote the script for and also starred in. He then co-wrote, produced, and starred in Moe & Jerryweather, a two-season sketch comedy web series (2014-2016).

In 2016, Rob Reiner cast Corenswet as one of the main characters in The Tap, a planned TV show that takes place at Yale College in 1969. Corenswet was a student in the play. The pilot episode, which was shot in 2017, was ordered by USA Network, but the network decided not to pick up the series.

Corenswet’s first movie role after graduating from Juilliard was as Michael Lawson in the political thriller Affairs of State (2018). Thora Birch, Mimi Rogers, and Adrian Grenier are also in the movie. The movie was called “well-acted” by the Los Angeles Times.

David Corenswet
David Corenswet

In the 2019-ongoing show The Politician, he plays River Barkley, Payton Hobart’s high school love interest and political rival (Ben Platt). Vanity Fair said that River was “rich, athletic, and got straight A’s.”

In Hollywood (2020), a Netflix limited series about the movie business in Los Angeles after World War II, Corenswet plays Jack Castello. Corenswet is also one of the show’s top producers. [33] He acts with Patti LuPone, Dylan McDermott, Darren Criss, and Holland Taylor. Men’s Health magazine said that Corenswet was a “breakout lead” for his role. IndieWire called it “another turn from David Corenswet that proves he’s a star.”

In We Own This City, an HBO limited series coming out in 2022 from The Wire writers and executive producers David Simon and George Pelecanos, Corenswet co-stars as veteran police investigator David McDougall, whose work helps reveal years of corruption in the Gun Trace Task Force of the Baltimore police department. The show is based on things that really happened in 2016.

Corenswet plays Jake in Look Both Ways, a romantic comedy-drama movie that was made by Netflix and came out on August 17, 2022. It was written by April Prosser and directed by Wanuri Kahiu. Lili Reinhart, Luke Wilson, Andrea Savage, Danny Ramirez, and Aisha Dee are also in it.

David Corenswet Facts

  • He grew up in Philadelphia, in the state of Pennsylvania.
  • In the 2018 suspense thriller film Affairs of State, David Corenswet played Michael Lawson, who the Los Angeles Times called “an ambitious but cash-strapped politician.” He starred with Thora Birch, Adrien Grenier, Mimi Rogers, and David James Elliott, among others.
  • In 2018, he also played Reed in an episode of the web show House of Cards, which is a political thriller.
  • In 2019, David Corenswet started playing Payton’s rival for Student Body President and ex-boyfriend, River Barkley, on the web drama series The Politician. He was in the show with Ben Platt, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Lange, Zoey Deutch, and Lucy Boynton, among others.
  • He also has a good following on social media. More than 250k people follow him on Instagram, and more than 10k people follow him on Twitter.

Family and Early Life

Corenswet was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 8, 1993. John Corenswet is his father, and he comes from a Jewish family. Before he became a lawyer, he worked on stage in New York for several years. His mother is also an attorney, a mediator, and an author. Amy is David’s other sister.

Edward Packard, David’s grandfather on his mother’s side, is a well-known author. He came up with the idea for the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books and has written more than 50 of them.

David went to The Juilliard School to get his education. He then went to the University of Pennsylvania to get more education.

David began acting when he was only 9 years old, in 2002. All My Sons by Arthur Miller was put on by the Arden Theatre Company, and he was in it. He was also in the plays “Vie En Bleu” and “Forgiving Harvest: A Play in Two Acts.”

In 2011, he had his first part in a movie. It was in a short film called “Following Chase.” After that, he was in short films and TV shows like “Michael and Clyde,” “Moe & Jerryweather,” “One Bad Choice,” “Elementary,” “The Tap,” and “Controversy.” He has also been in an episode of “House of Cards,” a Netflix show.

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In 2019, David’s big break came with the Netflix show “The Politician.” The critics gave him a lot of praise for his performance. He is also one of the main actors in the hit Netflix show “Hollywood.” Ryan Murphy is the man who made both “The Politician” and “Hollywood.”

David Corenswet’s Height

David is a big, tall guy with a fit body. He is a huge 6 feet 3 inches (191 cm) tall and weighs about 85 kilograms (187 pounds). His chest measures 40 inches, his waist measures 32 inches, and his biceps measure 14.5 inches. His hair is naturally brown, and his eyes are blue.

David Corenswet Net Worth

David Corenswet’s net worth is thought to be between $300,000 and $600,000 as of 2020. He has been acting since 2011, but “The Politician,” a Netflix show that came out in 2019, was his big break. As his career goes on, his net worth will keep going up at a very fast rate.

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