Who Is Dick Ebersol Married To? Dick Ebersol Biography, Net Worth, Children, And More

Who Is Dick Ebersol Married To

As per the source of ecelebrityspy. com, we learned that Dick Ebersol was Married To the Actress Susan Saint James in 1981, happily living together. They have three sons. They lost their second son, teddy, in an airplane crash, and they have done many philanthropic in the memory of their son. Dick Ebersol become successful in both his personal and professional life.

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Dick Ebersol Biography

Specifications  Details
Name  Duncan Ebersol
Date Of Birth July 28, 1947
Place Of Birth Connecticut U.S
Occupation  American Television Executive Producer
Marital Status Married
Children 3

Dick Ebersol’s Net Worth

Dick Ebersol’s Net Worth was estimated at around $ 50 million dollars. He started his career in the year 1967 as an Olympic researcher. In his long professional career, he has given many notable shows. His primary source of income is Television production. Apart from that, he donates a sizeable amount to philanthropic activities.

Dick Ebersol Wife

Dick Ebersol married twice. His first wife was Susan Stafford in the year 1976, she was an actress, but they got separated in the year 1981. Dick has no children from this marriage. After that, he married an actress Susan Saint James in 1981, and he is still living with her, and the couple is blessed with three sons, but unfortunately, they lost their second son Teddy in a plane crash.

Dick Ebersol Childern

Dick Ebersol has three children, namely charlie, Willie, and Teddy. Dick lost his son Teddy in the plane crash. This remains the most painful incident of his life. The sorrowful incident happened on November 28, 2004 Dick was traveling in the private charter jet along with two sons, charlie and Teddy Ebersol the jet got crashed at the Montrose Regional Airport in Colorado. In this severe accident, he lost his teddy, Dick, and charlie was severely injured due to this incident, Dick’s family members got deep depression about this loss. Dick and his wife donated $1.3 million to the gunnery to help remember their son Teddy. 

Dick Ebersol Wiki

Dick Ebersol was born and bought up in Torrington. His parents are Mary and Charles Roberts Ebersol. His father is a former chairman of the American Cancer Society. Dick is a college dropout and joined ABC Sports as a television Olympic researcher. In 1974, he joined NBC as a director of the weekend Late Night Programme. Due to his hard work and passion for his profession, he gave a variety of shows from different ranges like Political satire and intellectual witty shows. His hard work made him the first vice president of NBC under the age of 30. 

Dick Ebersol Age

Dick Ebersol’s Age is 75. He is a renowned American executive television producer, he produced different rage of Television shows, and his shows have got massive recognition from the audience and become commercially successful. His shows always have some unique features which have got many viewers to his shows.

Dick Ebersol Family

Dick Ebersol’s parents are Mary and Charles. He started his career in television at a very young age, He married twice from his first wife, he had no children, after that, he married actress Susan for that marriage, he had three sons, and he lost his second son Teddy in a plane crash. If we get any new information regarding Dick Ebersol’s family, we will update you. 

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