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Who Is Inbar Lieberman? Israeli Woman Called Hero For Saving Kibbutz From Hamas Terrorists

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Inbar Lieberman has got to be one of the most popular names on the internet today, but why is the Israeli woman being hailed so much? She saved an entire kibbutz from being harmed by terrorists, and by doing so, she attained hero status.

In the wake of her brave action, people have taken to search engines to find more information about her. It is not every day that a woman takes matters of this magnitude into her own hands. It is just in order that she is receiving her flowers at this moment for her heroic act.

What Did Inbar Lieberman Do?

Inbar Lieberman, a 25-year-old Israeli lady, led a group of locals to murder almost two dozen advancing terrorists, including five she killed herself, sparing an entire kibbutz from harm.

According to Walla News, Inbar Lieberman, Kibbutz Nir Am’s security coordinator since December 2022, heard explosions early on Saturday when the terrorists launched their historic assault on the Jewish state.

She noticed that the sounds were distinct from those she typically heard during rocket attacks on the kibbutz, which is close to Sderot and not far from the Gaza Strip. As the attack was in progress, Lieberman hurried to open the armory, give guns to the 12-person security squad, and plan a forceful response.

She set up ambushes that caught the shooters off guard and defeated them during their mission to inflict mass casualties by positioning her squad of kibbutzniks in tactical locations throughout the area.

While the others turned Nir Am into an impenetrable fortress over the course of four hours, Inbar Lieberman killed five terrorists on her own, while the adjacent kibbutzim sustained significant losses, according to Walla News.

Ilit Paz, cultural coordinator at Nir Am, told the news outlet Israel Hayom: “It was amazing. My husband was part of the standby unit that worked to prevent more casualties.

“They heard the shots and made contact on their own with other members of the standby unit and with Inbal, and they understood that they were told to be on standby.”

“But Inbal made a decision not to wait and be jumped operationally. In fact, the fact that they did it early prevented dozens of casualties,” she added.

“When it’s all over, this woman will receive the Israel Prize. The story of her heroism is a story that will go down in Israeli lore for generations. Inbal is the reason there is one kibbutz in the entire surrounding area that remains unharmed — Nir Am,” the post said.

Who Is Inbar Lieberman?

Her heroic deeds have made her the talk of the town for the past few days. Inbar Lieberman is a 25-year-old woman from Israel. She has been Kibbutz Nir Am’s security coordinator since December 2022. Apart from what has been said about her online these past few days, not much information is available about her.

As of this writing, it was not clear who his parents were. We have not been able to establish if she has any siblings or whether she is married with children.

Nir Am is one of the rare places where Hamas militants tried to infiltrate but were repulsed.

One member of the moshav, Noam Gotliv, told the Times of Israel that in Ein Habsor, a moshav that is also close to the Gaza Strip, a small group of local defenders managed to repel a larger number of armed terrorists.

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