Who Is She? Know About The BBC Radio Star

Who Is She? Know About The BBC Radio Star

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp: Who Is She? Know About The BBC Radio Star

Renee Hoenderkamp, who is in her 50s and has a distinguished career in medicine, goes by the name Dr. Renee. She has been practicing general medicine for about two decades at this point.

In addition to his expertise in medicine, the doctor is a frequent guest on both radio and television shows. She works as a general practitioner for BBC Radio London.

In addition to her other responsibilities, Hoenderkamp is the medical director of the Non-Surgical Clinic, which she established a decade ago. She provides assistance in the field of skin conditions, with an emphasis on acne and the stigma that surrounds it.

Acute medicine, pediatrics, psychiatry, obstetrics, and gynecology are just few of the areas of expertise that Dr. Renne Hoenderkamp possesses. Her previous involvement with the NICE Thyroid Disease Guideline Committee included serving as a committee member. Please go on to get some additional information about her that has been provided below.


Dr Renee Hoenderkamp

BBC Radio Star: Who Is Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp?

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp is a complex individual with many facets to her personality. However, despite her temporary absence from the Wikipedia page, she has already achieved a significant level of accomplishment in the field of medicine.

She has been a regular presenter for BBC Radio London as the resident General Practitioner, and she has worked alongside Joanne Good in this capacity. She is the author of a number of articles that have been published in medical journals, one of which is Clinical Medicine.

Education and Professional Accreditation

Hoenderkamp reportedly received her diploma in the year 2003, as stated on her LinkedIn profile. She graduated from the Open University with a BSc in Health Study and received a first-class rating for her work. In the end, she decided to pursue her medical education at Barts and The London Medical School, where she received her Bachelor of Medicine degree.

Hoenderkamp completed her education in Adult Health and Reproductive Healthcare between the years of 2012 and 2015. Following this, she became a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners in order to earn her MRCGP.

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp’s Jobs & Employment

The Royal London Hospital was the location of her first internship there. After a brief stint at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital in 2014, she moved on to her current position as a general practitioner resident at Abbey Medical Center.

In spite of all the new things she had experienced, she never wavered in her commitment to her job at Express Newspapers plc, where she had been employed for almost twenty years. At the present time, Hoenderkam is working at Roodlane Medical as a general practitioner. In addition to her role as a surgeon at The Non-Surgical Clinic, she has been operating independently in the role of Portfolio GP for the past six years.

In 2012, Renee Hoenderkamp developed the concept for a makeover show on Channel 4 by using her talk about nonsurgical cosmetic goods as the basis for the prototype. In April 2020, when she was a guest on the podcast Mail Plus Daily Corona (COVID-19), she discussed those people who had not yet been diagnosed with the Corona virus.

Renee Hoenderkamp Knows Natural Way To Look Ageless

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp is in her late fifties in 2022. This is the inference that we have drawn based on the most recent photographs that we have seen of her and her work history. Despite this, she manages to maintain a very youthful and energetic appearance because to the fact that she is knowledgeable about organic, risk-free, and aesthetically pleasing anti-aging remedies.

Hoenderkamp established the Nonsurgical clinic so that she could obtain a subtle facial rejuvenation while avoiding the appearance that she is “done” with her appearance.

She does this throughout the entirety of her profession, and it does not matter how old the patient is. Many of her patients come to her in their 60s having never had the job done before, but they soon become patients for life once they start seeing her. Acne scar treatment and non-surgical rhinoplasty are two of her areas of expertise that she has cultivated.

Hoenderkamp has around 25 years of experience working in the medical field and specializes in a variety of areas of health care. However, considering that it took her more than twenty-five years to complete her studies in order to become a doctor, the physician who is practicing right now in the year 2022 must be in her late fifties.

East London is where the general practitioner was born and bred. Her ethnic background is Caucasian, and she was born in the United Kingdom.

Renee Hoenderkamp’s Married Life

When Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp was initially getting married, she tied the knot with her ex-husband, Stan Myerson. The year 2000 marked the occasion of the couple’s wedding vows being exchanged.

They had been married for six years when they mutually agreed it was best for them to divorce and made the announcement public in 2006.

It is not known whether or whether Hoenderkamp’s husband had any connection to the medical industry. However, there are rumors that the two might have met one other while they were both attending the Open University in London. This is a theory that has been put forward by certain people. The child in question is actually that of Dr. Renne Hoenderkamp and her husband, Stan Myerson.

Prior to getting married, Renee Hoenderkamp was in a relationship with Michael Nicholas MBE, who was also her partner at the time. She has a son along with the current President of the Wales Rugby League who is 32 years old and comes from her union.

Renne Hoenderkamp’s Net Worth & Career Earning

The specific amount of Dr. Renne Hoenderkamp’s income has not yet been made public because she has never publicized the size of her net worth, her possessions, or the investments she has made in the media. However, according to Indeed.com, a general practitioner with her level of experience can make up to £76,338 each year.

Our research suggests that Renne Hoenderkamp has accomplished outstanding things in a variety of fields, which must have contributed to the millions of dollars that she currently possesses in the bank. For instance, after she won a writing competition held by Pulse magazine in 2016, she immediately began writing for a medical blog. In addition to this, she is an avid contributor to television and radio, where she has the potential to make more than 50,000 pounds annually.

Her Ascent Into The TV And Media Worlds

Hoenderkamp made her first appearance on the JoAnne Good afternoon show in 2016, during which she ran a GP surgery open solely to the show’s listeners. Later on, she was given the title of resident general practitioner at BBC Radio London, where she hosted two episodes on a regular basis and featured guests such as Tanya Burr.

Renne was the host of a spectacular BBC Inside Out broadcast about menopause in 2019 and delivered the narration for the program. The documentary emphasized the dangers that patients face. She later appeared on a number of discussion shows, including the “Drive Time” program on BBC Radio London and “The Breakfast Show” on BBC Radio 2, both of which broadcast on BBC Radio, to talk about the documentary.

In 2019, she also gave a presentation on breast cancer as part of the UCL expert panel titled “The Doctor’s Dilemma.” This event took place at The Royal Society of Medicine. A year later, she took part in the “Management of hypothyroidism in primary care” event that was hosted by The British Thyroid Foundation patient day.

Dr. Renee Hoenderkamp’s Vlogging & Writing Career

She is also the resident general practitioner for OK! Magazine and New Magazine, where she writes health essays on a regular basis and offers commentary on recent news topics related to health. Vlogging and the revenue she makes from her aesthetic clinic are two of her other sources of income.

She wrote a number of articles on various cosmetic treatments for Aesthetics Magazine and Two periodicals, which she contributed to. The primary care physician also has the goal of incorporating her passion for healthy eating and living into her medical practice.

In 2018, she was a contributor to an article in The Guardian that discussed the risks associated with cosmetic procedures that are performed in clinics specializing in aesthetic medicine.

On her YouTube channel, Dr.Renne has a following of approximately 6.6 thousand people. The majority of her films focus on various aspects of women’s health and fitness.

Renne Hoenderkamp Provides Free Advice On Instagram

Hoenderkamp updates her social media handle with various health-related articles and pieces of advise on a regular basis. Both Instagram and Twitter are open channels for communication with her.

Her content may be found on the handle @nonsurgicalclinic, which has a combined total of 1,055 followers. The Instagram handle she uses most often posts about cosmetics, personal care products, and beauty products. In addition, the experts offer a lot of advise that can change your life about safe and natural alternatives to cosmetic surgery.

In addition to Instagram, she is very active on Twitter and posts her thoughts under the name @DrHoenderkamp. On this site, she has a combined total of 85.6 thousand followers.

Dr Renee Hoenderkamp
Dr Renee Hoenderkamp

Quick Facts

Name Renee Hoenderkamp
Age 55-60
Husband Stan Myerson (2000-2006)
Children 2
Net Worth $1 million – $5 million

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