Who Plays Kayla In Netflix’s Blockbuster? Meet Actress Kamaia Fairburn

Who Plays Kayla In Netflix’s Blockbuster? Meet Actress Kamaia Fairburn

Kamaia Fairburn, who is 18 years old, plays Kayla in the Netflix TV show Blockbuster.

The role of Kayla in the movie Blockbuster made Kamaia Fairburn famous as a professional actress. She was born in Canada as well. But she is now in the United States working on her acting career.

The series is also based on the Blockbuster brand and takes place in the last Blockbuster Video store. It looks at what and who it takes for a small business to succeed. The Netflix series, which started on November 3, 2022, stars Randall Park as Timmy, the manager of a Blockbuster Video store.

Kamaia Fairburn

Who plays Kayla in Blockbuster, which is on Netflix?

Kamaia Fairburn, who is only 18, plays Kayla Scott in the Netflix show Blockbuster.

Also, the Canadian actress Kamaia is best known for her role as Diamond Brooks on the Nickelodeon comedy show Star Falls.

In addition to this, she played a younger version of the late R&B singer Aaliyah in the biopic Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B and the TV show Supergirl.

Well, Kayla Scott is the youngest person who works at Blockbuster. She is typical of the younger generation because she is addicted to social media and thinks she is cooler than you. She is also stylish, and she often (if not always) judges some of her older millennial and Gen X team members.

Also, Percy’s smart and sad teenage daughter works at Blockbuster with Timmy, who is her father’s best friend. She is rude and admits that she doesn’t like her job. She also seems to dislike everything and everyone.

She is also known for her roles in the family show Holly Hobbie and the Overlord and the Underwoods, which was nominated for a Daytime Emmy. One place to find Fairburn is on Instagram.

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5 Things You Should Know About Actress Kamaia Fairburn

Who plays Kayla in Blockbuster, which is on Netflix?

In Netflix’s Blockbuster, Kamaia Fairburn plays the role of Kayla.

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What is Kamaia Fairburn’s age?

Kamaia Fairburn has reached the age of 18.

What do people know Kamaia Fairburn for?

Kamaia Fairburn is well-known for her role in Blockbuster as Kayle.

Kamaia Fairburn is thought to be one of Hollywood’s most popular stars. She has done a lot of acting jobs, and her work and performances have made her well-known.

She starred in Nickelodeon’s comedy series named ‘Star Falls’ aired in 2018. She played the part of Diamond Brooks in the show.


She grew up in Vancouver, Toronto, and the United Kingdom. Fairburn started her career as a professional, well-trained actress when she was done with school.

In the biopic “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B,” which Kamaia Fairburn starred in, she played a young version of Aaliyah. This made her famous. It was shown on TV in 2014.

In 2016, Fairburn made an appearance in the film named’ Supergirl’ for which she gained much appreciation from the viewers.

In 2018, she began starring in Holly Hobbie on Hulu. In the same year, Fairburn gave another hit performance in the film named ‘Star Falls’.

Along with her older sister, she has a younger sister as well. Each of her sisters is a vegan.

Blockbuster Actress Kamaia Fairburn’s Wiki

Kamaia Fairburn is a Canadian actress who was born on November 12, 2003. She is 19 years old and has been in many TV dramas. Kamaia’s first role was as a 10-year-old girl named “Aaliyah” in a TV movie called “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B.” “Star Falls,” a Nickelodeon family drama that aired in 2018 and was well-liked by viewers, was her first big break.

Fairburn’s next level of success came in 2022, after she got her start in the Netflix drama “Blockbuster,” where she played Kayla. Grant got to work with stars like Randall Park, Melissa Fumero, Madeleine Arthur, J.B. Smoove, Tyler Alvarez, and Olga Merediz, who all have more than one talent.

Even though no one knows for sure, there are rumors that Fairburn will be in a movie soon. Sit back and read this article while you wait for us to find out if these rumors are true.

Kamaia Fairburn
Kamaia Fairburn

What is Kamaia Fairburn’s age?

Kamaia Fairburn was born in West Yorkshire, England, on November 12, 2003. She is 19 years old. Even though she was born in Britain, her mom Michelle raised her in Toronto, Canada. Amoi and Kai are her two younger sisters. Sources say that she stopped going to Wexford School for the Arts and started homeschooling when she decided to become an actress.

At age 17, she got a part in the TV show “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B,” which was the start of her acting career. Ali Adler and Greg Berlanti chose her to play a small part, Melissa, on the CW show “Supergirl,” which was played by Melissa Benoist. This was her second chance to be in a TV show.

The Acting Career of Kamaia Fairburn

Over time, Kamaia became more well-known, and she started getting offers to play important roles. In 2018, she played Olina on the action comedy show “Odd Squad,” which was made by Timothy McKeon. J.J. Johnson and other young actors like Dalila Bela, Millie Davis, Sean Michael Kyer, and Filip Geljo filmed Fairburn for this production. In the same year, Grant played Diamond Brooks in the family drama “Star Falls,” which won the Writers Guild of Canada award.

Fairburn got the part of Julia in the sci-fi drama “Endlings” in the year 2020. It was a show on Hulu that was directed by Melanie Orr and starred Cale Ferrin, Michela Luci, Neil Crone, and Brielle Robillard, among others. “Transplant,” “Overlord and the Underwoods,” and “Holly Hobbie” were some of the other shows that Kamaia worked her magic on.

About Kamaia Fairburn’s life

Fairburn is an independent person who loves to travel and eat. The woman also likes cars. Her dream car has always been a Range Rover Sport, and on May 22, 2022, she finally got it. We know that many of you want to know if Kamaia is dating anyone, and our research shows that she is currently single and hasn’t met her soulmate yet.

Kamaia Fairburn is a young Canadian actress who is known for her roles in Aliyah: The Princess of R&B, Star Falls, and a number of other well-known movies and TV shows. People are looking forward to seeing the young actress in her new Netflix original series called Blockbuster.

Early Years

Kamaia Fairburn was born on November 12, 2003, in the English county of West Yorkshire. She was born in England, but most of her childhood and early life was spent in Toronto, Canada. When she was young, her parents, Christian Fairburn and Michelle Fairburn, moved to Canada, where they have lived most of their lives. There are also rumors that Kamaia has a younger sister named Amoi Fairburn and an older brother named Kai. She started acting at a young age, so she was homeschooled so she could focus on both her studies and her career. She went to Wexford School of Arts for her first few years of school, and she just finished high school.

Social Media

Kamaia uses social media sites like Instagram and TikTok a lot. She often posts pictures, videos, and reels of her everyday life, work, and other things. She has 31,7k people following her on Instagram right now. Kamia is also active on Facebook, where she has 4.5k followers as of this writing. She also has an active YouTube channel where she posts vlogs, videos about her life, videos about fitness, and videos about travel. She has more than 800 subscribers right now.

Kamaia Fairburn roles

Even though Kamaia is young, she has already done a lot. In the 2014 Lifetime Original Movie Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, she played Aaliyah for the first time. She has been on Supergirl, Transplant, Odd Squad, and other shows since then.

In 2018, Kamaia played Diamond Brooks on Nickelodeon’s Star Falls and then Endlings on Hulu. In the same year, she was cast as Piper Parish in the kids’ TV show Holly Hobbie, which is still on Canada’s Family Channel (and Hulu in the U.S.). Kamaia began playing Willow Underwood on the CBC family comedy show Overlord and the Underwoods in 2021.

According to Wikipedia, Forbes, IMDb, and other online sources, Kamaia Fairburn, a well-known TV entertainer, has a net worth of $18 million at age 15. She made money because she was a good entertainer on TV. She comes from England.

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