WiFi Map MOD APK 6.1.9 (Pro Unlocked) for Android

WiFi Map MOD APK 6.1.9 (Pro Unlocked) for Android

It is undeniable that smartphones are very capable, as they can help you with many tasks, from running your business to entertainment. But all this also requires that your Internet connections are ready, otherwise you will find your smartphone is not really different from a traditional mobile phone. For this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for a stable internet connection wherever we go. But you can’t always find stable Wi-Fi connections near you while you’re out and about.

For this reason, you will definitely find this interesting WiFi Map mobile app a great tool to have on your devices. Here, the app provides a huge collection of accessible Wi-Fi connections around you, which you can easily make use of to connect to the internet wherever you go. Feel free to enjoy free, fast and reliable connections with WiFi Map.

Find out more about the interesting mobile application from WiFi Map LLC with our in-depth reviews.

What do you do, or what do you do?

For people who often spend their time outdoors, having Wi-Fi connections isn’t always the option, since you can’t go everywhere to ask for passwords. Because of this, you will definitely find WiFi Map very useful, as it offers free Wi-Fi hotspots to be shared by the owners. Feel free to search the huge database of WiFi Map and find available networks, which you can access and enjoy amazing in-app experiences with WiFi Map. Open a lot of accessible hotspots around you and choose the best options according to the WiFi map.

Now, you can travel the world comfortably with WiFi Map, because everywhere you go, there will be Wi-Fi connections available for you to take advantage of. In fact, there is no need to connect to your mobile data because the huge global network of WiFi map will ensure that you can access the Internet wherever you go. Not to mention that Wi-Fi networks will be more stable and faster than your mobile data.

And not only providing you with secure and stable Wi-Fi connections, the app will allow Android users to take advantage of the built-in VPN services, which will allow you to access the world of the unlocked internet.


For those of you who are interested in this great mobile app from WiFi Map LLC, you can easily access the free version of the app on Google Play Store without having to pay anything. Here, WiFi Map features many interesting in-app options for you to play freely and enjoy. But if you want to enjoy the fully unlocked version of WiFi Map, you will need to pay for certain in-app purchases.

Also, WiFi Map will require access to many permissions within the app, so be sure to accept all of their requests when you open the app. At the same time, always flash your Android devices with the latest firmware so that you can enjoy its many new features.

Finally, to use any Wi-Fi connections in the app, you’ll need to get close to hotspots and stay connected to any of them.

Cool Features

Here are all the exciting features that the app offers:

Millions of Wi-Fi connections around the world

First of all, in Wi-Fi Map Android users can access one of the largest Wi-Fi connection databases with millions of different connections all over the world. Feel free to explore over 100,000,000 hotspots from multiple countries around the world to easily search for places to connect. Share your connections and have fun with this interesting WiFi Map app to the fullest.

Quickly find nearby Wi-Fi hotspot

And with the app available, WiFi Map Android users can instantly search for new hotspots nearby, using the convenient and accessible features of WiFi Map. Just turn on your location and Wi-Fi map will help direct you to the nearest Wi-Fi connections so that you can enjoy stable and fast internet connections. Here, intuitive and interactive maps will allow you to easily navigate around and filter out the best addresses to come to you.

Also, for dedicated users of WiFi Map, you can also share your Wi-Fi hotspots with other users and find yourself enjoying the app more. Feel free to share passwords and connections with the app so that other users can take advantage of free connections wherever they go.

Protect your identity with a secure VPN

Moreover, to make the interesting WiFi Map app more useful on your Android devices, WiFi Map now offers unlimited and secure VPN service, which can be used to unlock your online experiences. Now, you can enjoy absolute security and privacy while browsing the internet in WiFi Map. At the same time, the enabled service will also allow you to access the world of the unlocked Internet through the many accessible websites and services. Feel free to enjoy many interesting geo-blocked content and more.

Use the app even when you are offline

And if you don’t have an internet connection, WiFi Map also allows Android users to take advantage of the free and unlocked app, using Offline Maps options. Here, you can still search for available Wi-Fi hotspots and their password using the offline database. Simply download the maps to your devices first and you can take advantage of them at any time.

Share your communication online

And for those who want to share some good hotspot recommendations with other people, you can always post on Facebook Instagram or Twitter so your friends can see and know which hotspots to pick when they go to any of these areas. Not to mention that people will also realize the benefits of the app and share more hotspots on it, which is always a good thing

Enjoy the free and unlocked app on our website

And last but not least, with ads and in-app purchases for the Google app, you may want to go to the modified version of WiFi Map on our website. Here, you can still take advantage of all the features within the app, but there is no need to make any payment. Feel free to enjoy the free and unlocked app whenever you are ready. All it takes is to download a file WiFi Map Mod APK On our site, follow the instructions provided and you should be all set.

Final judgments

From now on, whenever you go abroad for any of your business or travel purposes, WiFi Map will help you to access many available Wi-Fi hotspots absolutely free. Always find multiple hotspots available around you with millions of free Wi-Fi connections worldwide. And enjoy the ever-expanding library that you can always take advantage of.

Finally, with the free and unlocked version of the application on our website, you will find it even more interesting.

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