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Will There Be A Season 4 Of Happy Valley? Is Happy Valley Season 4 Happening?

Will There Be A Season 4 Of Happy Valley? Is Happy Valley Season 4 Happening?

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is a crime drama TV show from the UK, which was filmed and set in the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire. The series stars Sarah Lancashire and Siobhan Finneran and was created and written by Sally Wainwright, with direction from Wainwright, Euros Lyn, and Tim Fywell. The first season aired on BBC One in 2014, followed by the second season in 2016, and the third and final season in 2023. It received critical acclaim and won several awards, including the 2015 BAFTA for Best Drama Series and another BAFTA for Best Drama for its second season.


Will there be a season 4 of Happy Valley?

Sally Wainwright, the creator of the UK crime drama Happy Valley, has confirmed that there will not be a Season 4 of the show. In an interview with GQ, she explained that she and star Sarah Lancashire had decided during the filming of Season 2 that the third season would be the final one. 

According to Wainwright, Lancashire is “really good at knowing when to stop doing stuff.” Wainwright wanted to make a clear statement that this was the end of the story and that they had done a good job. She reiterated this position in an interview with the BBC, saying that the intention was always to make a trilogy and that the third season was “very definitely” the final season.

Is Happy Valley season 4 happening?

Fans of Happy Valley may be disappointed to learn that there will not be a fourth season. Show creator Sally Wainwright had always planned for the series to be a three-season arc, and executive producer Will Johnston confirmed this during a screening of the final season. Wainwright and lead actress Sarah Lancashire reportedly feel that it’s better to end the show on a high note rather than risk it overstaying its welcome. Despite the desire for more Happy Valley, the show’s creators are committed to maintaining its quality and ensuring that viewers remain invested in the story.

Happy Valley Season 3 ending

The third season of Happy Valley concludes with Tommy Lee Royce, the main antagonist, escaping from prison and making his way to Catherine’s home. They have a tense confrontation, with Catherine wielding a taser and Tommy drinking alcohol. After an argument, Tommy sets himself on fire, but Catherine manages to put out the flames. However, Tommy eventually dies from his injuries in prison, effectively ending their long-standing conflict.

In the final scene, Catherine returns to work for her last day and bids farewell to her colleagues. Before leaving, she suggests that they investigate Faisal Bhatti for the murder of Joanna Hepworth, which ties up another loose end. Catherine then resigns from her job and drives off in her new Jeep, ready for a fresh start, with the hope of avoiding further tragedy.

Is Happy Valley based on a true story?

Happy Valley is not based on a true story; rather, it is a fictional series created by Sally Wainwright. According to Wainwright, the idea for the storyline of Becky and Tommy, and their son Ryan, came entirely from her own imagination. However, Wainwright did receive assistance from a real-life police officer in the show’s development. 

Lisa Farrand, a female constable whom Wainwright had known since childhood, provided input on both the storytelling and the realistic portrayal of police work. The BBC had asked Wainwright to create a police drama for them, following the success of her previous show, Scott & Bailey, and Wainwright’s decision to focus on uniformed officers was a way to differentiate Happy Valley from her earlier work.

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