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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Vein Essence Locations, Where to Find Dragon Essence in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Vein Essence Locations, Where to Find Dragon Essence in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dragon Vein Essence Locations

Dragon Vein Essence is a powerful consumable item that plays a vital role in upgrading the Dragon’s Cure Pot. Along with Dragon Vein Crystals, this essence is an essential ingredient that significantly enhances the recovery effect of the Dragon’s Cure Pot, a valuable tool for dragon trainers and healers alike.

The Dragon’s Cure Pot is an ancient artifact that’s been used for centuries by dragon trainers to heal their dragons’ wounds and ailments. The pot is believed to have been created by the legendary dragon sage, who imbued it with mystical healing powers. However, as the world and the dragons evolved, the pot’s healing effect gradually diminished.

To restore the Dragon’s Cure Pot to its former glory, dragon trainers have discovered that Dragon Vein Essence is the key ingredient. This essence is extracted from the veins of dragon stones, which are found deep within the earth. Dragon Vein Essence is a rare and precious substance that’s difficult to obtain, making it highly sought after by dragon trainers and healers.

When Dragon Vein Essence is used along with Dragon Vein Crystals to upgrade the Dragon’s Cure Pot, it enhances the pot’s healing properties. The Dragon’s Cure Pot becomes more effective at healing injuries and illnesses, and its potency increases significantly.

The process of upgrading the Dragon’s Cure Pot is not an easy task. It requires a skilled dragon trainer to carefully combine Dragon Vein Essence and Dragon Vein Crystals in precise quantities, while also invoking ancient dragon magic. The ritual is a long and arduous one, and it can take several days to complete. There are all the dragon vein essence locations shown below 

  • The Yellow Heaven Burns

  • The Valley of Crying Wraiths

  • In Search of the Immortal Wizard

  • The Fall of the Corrupted Eunuch

  • The Battle of Hulaoguan Pass

  • Darkness over the Hanshui River

  • Tyrant’s Final Banquet]

  • The fate of the Entertainer

  • War’s Flames Blaze Fiercely

  • The Uninhibited Heart

  • Lu Bu, Mightiest Among Men

  • Behold the Glaive of Righteousness

  • The Assault on Wuchao

  • Decisive Battle of Guandu

  • Hidden Village

How to Find the Dragon Essence in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

First up, head to the Forgotten Temple and defeat the boss to obtain the first Dragon Essence. The second can be found in the depths of the Dark Forest, guarded by a fearsome beast.

Venture deep into the Caverns of Despair to find the third Dragon Essence, and brave the treacherous waters of the Crystal Cave to obtain the fourth. The fifth can be found in the ruins of the ancient city, buried deep beneath the sands of the desert.

Travel to the highest peak of the Frozen Mountains to claim the sixth Dragon Essence, and journey to the heart of the Enchanted Forest to find the seventh. The eighth can be obtained by defeating a powerful mage in the Tower of Sorcery.

Explore the underwater caves of the Coral Reef to find the ninth Dragon Essence, and delve into the fiery depths of the Volcano to claim the tenth. The eleventh can be obtained by solving a series of intricate puzzles in the Temple of the Sun.

The twelfth Dragon Essence can be found in the ruins of the once-great castle, guarded by a powerful dragon. The thirteenth lies in the hands of a mysterious hermit in the depths of the Mystic Forest.

The fourteenth Dragon Essence can be obtained by defeating a group of bandits in the Wild West, and the final fifteenth can be found in the lair of a powerful demon in the Underworld.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Gameplay 

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an exhilarating action role-playing video game that provides players with a customizable gaming experience. The game starts with players creating their own unique avatar and choosing from one of five phases. The five phases include the water phase, fire phase, earth phase, metal phase, and wood phase. Each phase has its own unique characteristics and advantages in combat.

The game offers two options for close-range attacks: light and heavy attacks. Players must deflect enemy attacks using their melee weapons to create an opportunity for a counter-attack. Each enemy has a “Morale Rank,” which indicates how challenging the combat encounter will be. More difficult enemies offer more valuable loot as a reward for successfully defeating them.

As players perform close-range attacks, their spirit gauge gradually fills. When the spirit gauge is full, players can unleash “spirit attacks,” allowing them to use special combat moves or cast elemental spells. Players can choose from five different “Divine Beasts,” including Qilin, Baihu, Qinglong, Zhuque, and Xuanwu. These beasts can assist players during combat or provide passive perks through “Divine Beast Resonance.”

The game is primarily linear, but as players progress, they will encounter Battle Flags scattered throughout the world. Players can use Battle Flags to save their game or use “Genuine Qi,” the game’s form of experience, to upgrade their characters and unlock new abilities. Wo Long also features a jump button, which further facilitates exploration and combat.

The game includes a cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing players to summon a friend to help out during combat. The multiplayer mode adds an additional level of excitement and strategy to the game.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Trailer 


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