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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu Cheese Guide, How to Beat Lu Bu in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu Cheese Guide, How to Beat Lu Bu in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Lu Bu Cheese Guide

In the world of online gaming, players are always on the lookout for the best strategies to defeat their opponents. One such strategy is to focus on a Water Element build to increase its fire resistance and use high-level, water-based Wizardry Spells. This is particularly effective in battles against strong opponents like Lu Bu.

To begin with, players should level up their character to at least level 42 and fully upgrade their weapons and armor to +4 or +5. This will give them a significant boost in terms of attack power and defense, which is crucial when facing tough opponents. Additionally, collecting Tiger Seals can bring reinforcements, although it’s not necessary for this particular battle.

When players enter the main arena, they will find that Lu Bu is already mounted on his horse. This gives him an advantage as he takes less damage while mounted, and his horse takes none. Players should aim to fill up the ‘negative spirit’ gauge to knock him off the horse while deflecting his critical blows. This is where a Water Element build comes in handy, as water-based attacks can quickly deplete the gauge and knock Lu Bu off his horse.

Players should also use high-level water-based Wizardry Spells and a water-based divine beast to deal massive damage to Lu Bu. These attacks will be particularly effective against him, given his low water resistance. It’s also important to maintain high morale throughout the battle to increase attack power and resist critical hits.

How to Beat Lu Bu in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty?

Part 1: Understanding the Basic Strategy to Beat Demon Lu Bu in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

In the action-packed game Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, players must defeat the powerful Demon Lu Bu, one of the toughest bosses in the game. Lu Bu is a formidable opponent who can deal massive damage, making it essential for players to have a well-thought-out strategy to defeat him.

The basic strategy for defeating Lu Bu in the game is to make him enter spirit disruption, which will open him up to a fatal strike. Players should focus on attacking Lu Bu’s spirit gauge, which is the quickest route to victory. It is essential to remember that the longer the fight, the more likely players are to make mistakes. Lu Bu’s combos can be extremely deadly, so players should aim to end the fight quickly.

Part 2: Mastering Basic Attacks and Fire Attacks

Lu Bu will start the fight with his bare halberd, fighting with great intensity. However, after a certain amount of time passes, or at a certain level of damage taken, Lu Bu will engulf his weapon in flames, becoming much more aggressive. In this state, flame attacks will do damage even when guarding, making it essential to learn the timing for deflection or dodge entirely.

Basic melee attacks are a viable option, but players should focus on Lu Bu’s spirit gauge. Players should also keep in mind that Lu Bu is vulnerable to basic melee damage in this fight.

Part 3: Defeating Lu Bu’s Attacks

Lu Bu has several attacks that players should be aware of and prepared to defend against. One of his most common attacks is the basic swinging attack, where he raises his weapon high above, pauses for a moment, then swings in a half-circle attack. Lu Bu will often string two or more swings into a combo, so players should be ready to dodge or deflect quickly.

Another attack to look out for is Lu Bu’s overhead twirl to AOE, where he twirls his weapon overhead and plunges it into the ground, creating a large circular AOE. Players can back up if they see the attack coming or deflect just before the weapon hits the ground.

Lu Bu’s lunging thrust attack is another attack to be aware of, where he crouches and then leaps forward, closing the distance between himself and the player, thrusting his halberd forward as soon as he lands. Players should be prepared to dodge or deflect this attack to avoid taking massive damage.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Gameplay

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an exhilarating action role-playing video game that provides players with a customizable gaming experience. The game starts with players creating their own unique avatar and choosing from one of five phases. The five phases include the water phase, fire phase, earth phase, metal phase, and wood phase. Each phase has its own unique characteristics and advantages in combat.

The game offers two options for close-range attacks: light and heavy attacks. Players must deflect enemy attacks using their melee weapons to create an opportunity for a counter-attack. Each enemy has a “Morale Rank,” which indicates how challenging the combat encounter will be. More difficult enemies offer more valuable loot as a reward for successfully defeating them.

As players perform close-range attacks, their spirit gauge gradually fills. When the spirit gauge is full, players can unleash “spirit attacks,” allowing them to use special combat moves or cast elemental spells. Players can choose from five different “Divine Beasts,” including Qilin, Baihu, Qinglong, Zhuque, and Xuanwu. These beasts can assist players during combat or provide passive perks through “Divine Beast Resonance.”

The game is primarily linear, but as players progress, they will encounter Battle Flags scattered throughout the world. Players can use Battle Flags to save their game or use “Genuine Qi,” the game’s form of experience, to upgrade their characters and unlock new abilities. Wo Long also features a jump button, which further facilitates exploration and combat.

The game includes a cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing players to summon a friend to help out during combat. The multiplayer mode adds an additional level of excitement and strategy to the game.

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