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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pre Order, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pre Order Guide
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Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pre Order, Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pre Order Guide

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Wiki

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an action-packed RPG developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo, released on March 3, 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Players can create and customize their own avatar and select one of five phases, each with different abilities. The game provides two options for close-range attacks and emphasizes the use of melee weapons to deflect enemy attacks and create counter-attack opportunities. Enemies have different morale ranks, which determine the difficulty level of combat and the value of the loot dropped. As players fight, their spirit gauge fills up, allowing them to use special moves or spells. Players can also choose from one of five Divine Beasts to assist them in combat or gain passive perks through Divine Beast Resonance. The game has a linear progression, with the ability to save and upgrade characters using Genuine Qi obtained from Battle Flags found throughout the world. Wo Long includes a jump button, which enhances exploration and combat, and also offers cooperative multiplayer mode, allowing players to summon friends for combat assistance.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pre Order

The Standard Edition of Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty offers no extraordinary content, but additional content will be available exclusively in the Digital Deluxe Edition. However, pre-ordering the Standard Edition offers a cool reward. The first decision is whether to purchase a physical or digital copy. Opting for the physical copy and pre-ordering it will get you Baihu Armor for your character. If you choose the digital Standard Edition, you will also get the Baihu Armor along with Zhuque Armor. The digital and physical Standard Editions have the same price of $59.99 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. However, Team Ninja provides more incentive to pre-order the digital version by offering additional bonus content.

The Digital Deluxe Edition is an alternative option available for Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty. Unlike the Standard Edition, this version does not offer a physical copy option.

Although the Digital Deluxe Edition of Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty comes with a higher price tag, the bonuses it offers might justify the extra expense. This edition includes a Digital Art Book, Digital Mini Soundtrack, and a Season Pass that covers three DLCs. If you intend to purchase the Season Pass eventually, it might be worthwhile to buy the Digital Deluxe Edition to receive these additional bonuses. Furthermore, pre-ordering the Digital Deluxe Edition gets you the Baihu Armor, Zhuque Armor, and exclusive Qinglong Armor that comes with the Season Pass. For gamers who value customization, the Digital Deluxe Edition offers three extra Armor Sets to personalize your character and distinguish yourself from other players. The Digital Deluxe Edition can be purchased for $84.99 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

Another Wo-Long: Fallen Dynasty edition available for purchase is the Steelbook Launch Edition, which includes the following items:

  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty game

  • SteelBook

  • Bonus DLC (Crown of Zhurong, Crown of Gonggong)

While it doesn’t offer as many bonuses, the Steelbook Launch Edition may appeal to collectors as it includes a unique Steelbook case. In addition to the case, buyers will receive Bonus DLC, including the Crown of Zhurong and Crown of Gonggong for further customization options. Like the Standard Edition and Digital Deluxe Edition, pre-ordering the Steelbook Launch Edition also grants access to the Baihu Armor. The Steelbook Launch Edition is priced at $79.99 and is available for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pre Order Guide

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an upcoming action RPG developed by Team Ninja, the acclaimed studio responsible for Nioh and Ninja Gaiden franchises. This challenging game features a souls-like gameplay style that heavily emphasizes counterattacking and deflecting enemy assaults. The game is set in a fictional Chinese universe inspired by the Three Kingdoms era, where the player takes on the role of an unnamed protagonist seeking to rid the three states of corruption that is transforming people into demonic creatures. Fans of Nioh and Dark Souls, especially Sekiro, will feel right at home with the gameplay mechanics of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. Here is all the essential information you need to know about this game before its launch.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Pre Order Bonus

Pre-ordering the Standard Edition of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty’s physical version grants access to the Baihu Armor. Meanwhile, digital pre-orders of the Standard Edition provide the Zhuque Armor along with the Baihu Armor. These are the only pre-order bonuses available for the game. However, those seeking additional content can opt for the Digital Deluxe Edition.

  • Battle of Zhongyuan

  • Conqueror of Jiangdong

  • Upheaval in Jingxiang

During a development stream celebrating the 40th anniversary of Koei Tecmo president and CEO Kou Shibusawa’s career on October 26, 2021, it was announced that Team Ninja is currently working on a new action game based on Luo Guanzhong’s 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The game was officially unveiled on June 12, 2022, during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 and is slated for release on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Shortly after the event, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of the game were also announced.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty system requirements

Although the gameplay of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is challenging like other Souls-like games, the PC requirements are not as demanding. Using a relatively new graphics card will enhance the gaming experience, but entry-level GPUs can still handle the game if high frame rates are not a priority. To meet the minimum system requirements for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, a GPU that matches the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 or AMD Radeon RX 570 is required, both with 4GB VRAM. Therefore, the best graphics card is not necessary to run the game. Additionally, pairing one of the above GPUs with an Intel Core i5-8400 and 8GB RAM is recommended. However, it is worth noting that although this combination is sufficient to start playing the game, it may not provide optimal performance.

  • CPU: Core I5 2500K or over

  • RAM: 6 GB

  • VIDEO CARD: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 or over




  • OS: Win 7/8.1/10(64bit required)


  • SOUND CARD: DirectX 11 or over

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