Xande de Pilares debuts in ‘All Flowers’: ‘I never imagined being on TV’

Xande de Pilares debuts in ‘All Flowers’: ‘I never imagined being on TV’


Singer-songwriter Xande de Pilares, 52, who makes his debut as an actor in the soap opera “Todas as Flores” (Globoplay), did not believe he had passed the test to join the cast of the Gamboa nucleus, composed only of black actors. The serial premieres in the second half of October.

He says that before the audition for the character the director asked if he had memorized the text and said that he would get everything wrong. There was no other way, Xande already went to the test thinking he wouldn’t pass and got even more nervous.

“I’ve been a novelist for years, I lived on the hill in a very difficult time, so my toy was watching TV. But I never imagined being where I watched it”, said Xande, who took a theater course to overcome shyness as a singer on stage.

The singer admits that memorizing text is the same as music, but playing a character is very different.

According to Xande, the casting preparation was a watershed for him as a rookie actor in a soap opera and his co-stars were true teachers. “I’m feeling welcomed,” said the musician.

In the feuilleton, Xande gives life to Darci Pereira, the president of the Carnival group “Filhos da Gamboa”. He says he has worked hard to make his “character straight”, who reads the entire script of the novel as if it were a book and knows the entire life of each of the other characters.


The singer reveals yet another factor that has helped in her debut: the character is practically a copy of her in her personal life. He says he identifies with Darci in his daily life as a person of peace, who doesn’t hold grudges and has no enemies. “It’s easier to be Seu Darci because he’s Xande de Pilares.”

The cast of the Gamboa nucleus of the feuilleton is completed by the actors Zezeh Barbosa, Micheli Machado, Jhona Burjack, Heloisa Honein, Mumuzinho, Douglas Silva, Mary Sheila and Leonardo Lima Carvalho.

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