Zander Horvath Parents From Purdue, What To Know About The LA Chargers Fullback

Zander Horvath Parents From Purdue, What To Know About The LA Chargers Fullback

Zander Horvath’s parents are from Indiana, and he is very close to them. He is well-known in the National Football League as a fullback for the Los Angeles Chargers (NFL).

Zander was a well-known name in college. He has already scored touchdowns in his first two NFL games. During his college football career at Purdue, he made a name for himself. During his second year of college, he went to the field early to play on special teams.

He joined the team as a walk-on in 2017, and he played in 30 games for the Boilermakers over the course of his college football career.

Horvath took over as Purdue’s main running back in the end, but he was also very important in the running game.

Even though Zander wasn’t invited to the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, he did better on his tests at Purdue’s Pro Day than 90% of the running backs who went to the combine.

Zander Horvath

Who are the parents of Zander Horvath?

Zander Horvath’s mother, Zita Horvath, and father, Brian Horvath, raised him in Mishawaka, Indiana. When Zander first started playing sports, his parents helped him and supported him. They also pushed him to try different sports.

Zander played linebacker and running back for a middle school team that won the Diocesan Championship and was full of great eighth graders.

Brian, Zander’s dad, can still remember talking to the team’s running backs coach when they went to Purdue. When Zander moved to West Lafayette, the team already had ten running backs.

As a freshman, Zander played fullback and worked on special teams for the first time. Due to an injury to Purdue’s best running back, he got a scholarship and more playing time.

Most of what Zander knows about his parents hasn’t been shared with the press. There are three of them.

Who is Zander’s girlfriend?

Natalie Winters is in a relationship with Zander Horvath. They started dating in 2017 after meeting in college. Natalie works as a nurse.

Zander and Natalie post a lot of pictures of themselves together online, and they don’t hide the fact that they are dating.

Zander posted a picture of himself and Natalie on Instagram on July 24, 2022, with the caption “soon to be.” Everyone has told them how happy they are for them, and they may soon share the date of their wedding.

Natalie Winters has also put a lot of pictures of her and Zander on her Instagram account. @nataliewinters444 is Natalie’s Instagram handle, and she has 1,636 followers and 100 posts.

How much fullback Zander Horvath is worth and how his contract is set up

Zander Horvath has less than a million dollars in assets. His salary is $700,000 per year, which includes a signing bonus of $19,252.

He agreed to play linebacker for Indiana as a preferred walk-on, but he changed his mind when Purdue running backs coach Chris Barclay let him play running back, which is his usual position.

In 2021, Horvath’s senior year of college, he ran the ball 91 times for 320 yards and three touchdowns, which was a career high. He also caught 17 passes, which gave him an extra 108 yards.

Zander Becomes First Running Back/Fullback Since 1942

Zander Horvath is off to a great start with the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL. He is also trying to break a record that hasn’t been broken since the 1940s.

The former Purdue player made history by being the first rookie running back or fullback since 1942 to catch a touchdown pass in each of his first two NFL games.

In Week 2, when the Chargers played the Kansas City Chiefs, Horvath scored the first touchdown. In his second game, he caught a one-yard touchdown pass that led to his second touchdown.

Horvath has already caught three passes and scored two touchdowns this season, even though all of his catches have been in tight spaces.

For Marian High School, a look at Horvath’s career

Horvath played football at Marian High School in Mishawaka, Indiana, when he was in high school. He ran for 3,373 yards and 50 touchdowns, and USA Today named him a Midwest Regional All-American and an all-state player.

Since 2004, when they picked Shaun Phillips and Nick Hardwick, Horvath is the first Purdue player the Chargers have taken in the draft.

In the seventh round of the 2022 NFL Draft, Horvath was picked by the Los Angeles Chargers. He made his first appearance in Los Angeles. He made history by becoming the first running back or fullback since 1942 to score twice in his first two games.

What’s his size? Perfect for a fullback at 6-3 and 230

Zander Horvath is 23 years old. He was born in Mishawaka, Indiana, on December 10, 1998. He is about 104 kg and 6feet 3inches tall.

He went to Marian High School to learn. Horvath joined the Boilermakers in 2017, and he played in 30 college football games during his time there.

Horvath has an art-themed Instagram account where he shows off his own unique work. He draws everything from houses to landscapes to even other football players in his sketches.

Early years

Horvath went to high school in Mishawaka, Indiana, and played football there.

On the ground, he ran for 3,373 yards and 50 touchdowns, which made him an all-state player and a USA Today Midwest Regional All-American.

Going to college

Horvath originally committed to Indiana to play linebacker as a preferred walk-on, but he changed his mind when Purdue running backs coach Chris Barclay offered him a chance to play his natural position, which is running back.

In 2017, Horvath did not play

Horvath played in 13 games in 2018. He ran the ball nine times for 42 yards and one touchdown. Also, Horvath caught four passes for a total of 38 yards.

The role of Horvath grew in 2019. Horvath played in 11 games, four of which he started. He ran the ball 79 times for 377 yards and two touchdowns. He also caught 17 passes for 142 yards and a touchdown.

Horvath played in six games and started five of them in the 2020 season, which was cut short by a pandemic. He ran the ball 89 times for 442 yards and two touchdowns, and he caught 30 passes for 304 yards.

Horvath ran the ball 91 times for 320 yards and caught 17 passes for 108 yards in 2021, his senior year.

Work as a professional

Horvath was not expected to be drafted at first, but he surprised scouts with how athletic he was for a fullback, scoring 9.83 out of 10 on the Raw Athletic Score (RAS).

The Los Angeles Chargers picked Horvath in the seventh round (260th overall) of the NFL Draft in 2022.

Horvath made a big splash in Los Angeles. He was the first running back or fullback since 1942 to score a touchdown in each of his first two games.

Zander Horvath
Zander Horvath

48: Zander Horvath, running back for Purdue

In six games, 2020 had 89 carries for a total of 442 yards and two touchdowns, for an average of 4.96 yards per carry. Also, 30 catches for 304 yards.

What he has done: Stories like Horvath’s make for fun footnotes at Ohio State, but they are absolutely necessary at Purdue.

Horvath only had one scholarship offer when he graduated from Marian High School in Mishawaka, Indiana. He planned to go to Indiana as a walk-on linebacker. Instead, he chose to walk on at Purdue. Last season, he led the team in rushing and was named to the third team of All-Big Ten.

Horvath ran for more than 100 yards in the last game of the 2019 season against Indiana and the first games of the 2020 season against Iowa and Illinois. He was the first Boilermaker back since 2007 to run for more than 100 yards in three straight games.

Even though the streak ended against Northwestern, he had 100 yards on nine catches. Since 1997, no Purdue back had done that. Many of the other teams’ defenses were focused on Rondale Moore, who has since left the team, and David Bell, who is coming back. Horvath was a reliable safety valve underneath. He caught 29 passes for 299 yards in the last five games of 2020.

The ways he can hurt Ohio State: Horvath wears the same number 40 as Mike Alstott, a former Purdue running back who was big and tough. Horvath’s role grew last season because of injuries to other backs, but he handled the extra work and, according to some reports, got stronger as games went on.

This isn’t your typical fullback, but it’s better than most. Chris Barclay, who is the Purdue running backs coach, said last season that Horvath can jump 40 inches vertically and ran the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds in the summer before his freshman year.

We don’t know yet how strong Ohio State’s new linebackers will be in 2020. Horvath could be a good test because he can both run downhill on short-yardage plays and get out of the backfield to become a receiving threat.

The best way for Purdue to use Horvath is to pair him with another back who can help him, but finding that player and keeping him healthy has been hard.

Purdue, 6021 234 4.65. Starter for two years, Mishawaka, IN. Since he came to school, he has always been on the Big 10 All-Academic team. Horvath was mostly used as a running back in Purdue’s offensive system. However, his skills at blocking and catching will help him a lot as he moves to more of a fullback role in the NFL. A strong runner with great skills with the ball and sure hands. His 2021 season was cut short by a broken fibula, but his 2020 season was full of hard runs that showed athleticism usually only seen in smaller “scat back” running backs. In 2020, he was sometimes used to block on plays on the outside. Took great angles and showed a knack for getting past defenders in tight spaces by making big hits and placing his hands well. His ability to run the ball on short yards or near the goal line will be useful, as will his ability to catch passes out of the backfield. Has shown he can help on special teams by blocking, returning, and covering. A big, sure-handed fullback who can catch the ball when it comes out of the backfield and get away from linebackers when they are on routes with him. The overall draft value will depend on how quickly his broken leg heals.

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